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14 years!!

Happy Friday to y’all AND Happy 14 year wedding anniversary! Man how is that even true?!

So we got married before Pinterest, camera filters and hashtag. So much has changed in the world since that day June 10, 2008 but our love hasn’t. Awwww….so cute huh.

Drew proposed to me in April of 2007 while I was still trying to finish college and we were poor college kids just in love. We wanted a long engagement to give me time to finish school and plan. I had always known a beach wedding was what I wanted and we decided on Destin/Miramar Beach area. My sweet Mom googled and talked on phone and emailed people over the course of the planning and she made my dream wedding come to life. She was my official wedding planner and did the best job. I wanted a margarita machine and a dance floor set up right on the beach. And she made it happen.

Fast forward to the big day. In total we had around 30 family and friends travel down for our special day. It meant a lot, a destination wedding can mean you in turn dont get that large guest list attend. Some can’t make that trip happen. We had to find a Justice of the Peace to get this thing officially official, so we googled and randomly found a guy online. Assuming he was legit. He showed up at the rehearsal dinner and brought his wife and was so nice and personable. THEN, the day of our wedding he comes and they are both in the same clothes from night before, he said they had slept on the beach at a friends bungalow. I mean it all worked out and was perfect even if he was a beach hippie.

Our wedding truly was exactly what I wanted and it left us with a lifetime of memories that we still talk about today. I wouldn’t change anything. Look at this life we have build together and I just feel extremely blessed to have said yes all those years ago! Enjoy these horrible quality photos of a photo.


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