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A Head of Many Colors

You Dolly fans get that blog title. Dolly Parton is the queen of hair and all things great. This post isn’t about Dolly but she is a hair idol and this post IS in fact about hair! My hair! My hair over the years. It’s been blonde, brown, black, red and a mixture of all in between.

My Mom wouldn’t let me color my hair till I was 16. It was prom and she let my great Aunt Dell who was our family hairstylist do highlights with the pull thru cap. I know you ladies remember that method. I was so excited to get a new look and I don’t think I’ve ever looked back. Now I guess we have to blame genetics here but I have been prematurely going gray since I was in my very early 20’s. Now, if I let it go, guaranteed I would be 80% gray. What the heck?! So I’m a stylist dream because I am in there very routine getting my roots all fixed up.

Enjoy this walk down memory lane and feel free to chuckle, it’s fine, everything’s fine. I feel like I have finally decided I need to stick with the cool tone blondes because it does seem to hide my pesky gray roots the best. And like most women, every single time I’ve cut my hair off or gotten bangs, it’s pretty much instant regret. Live and learn.

What a fun and colorful walk down memory lane. I have learned over the years what my hair likes and doesn’t. Good hair products go a long way and less heat is always better. And if it rains, just wear a hat or make a fun bun. My 40’s hair is bound to be better than my 20’s ever thought about!

Happy Friday! See y’all back here on Monday!!



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