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Amazon faves of ALL time

Happy Wednesday day y’all! Also Happy Amazon Prime week! I posted a ton of cute and affordable finds yesterday on my stories and I’m planning to continue the party today so be sure to follow along on my socials! It got me thinking of my all time favorite or memorable Amazon finds. I want to share with y’all and link them in case you wanna check them out too!!

I know I’ve told y’all I live in a small town and the bigger city is 40 miles away. Amazon Prime is my friend. I order so many random things on there, you would be surprised. Just yesterday I had some pond algae cleaner delivered and the day before that, a bean bag. So you just never really know. I’m thankful that Amazon is right at our fingertips and saves me the headache of in store shopping sometimes. Soooo enjoy my all time fave purchases!

1- bike shorts set. I’ve raved about this outfit in past but I really love it so much!

2- tees for my hub and boy do I love these on him. Hot tamale! Ha!

3- straw hat. This is a quality hat that comes in extended sizes for big heads like me. I feel sassy and fun when I wear this hat!

4- watch bands

5- hair clips love the nude colors!

6- corduroy shacket. I wear this all fall/winter! Definitely ordering another color this season!

7- fun candles! These make the best gifts and are hilarious! I’ve bought several times for a friend bday gift

8- clear bands for hair. Living in a household with 3 girls we love these bands. For braids and small ponytails. We haven’t even put a dent in our jar.

9- acrylic earrings set. All these for such a great price and they are lightweight

10- lunchbox. I take my lunch to work a lot and this lunchbox has stood the test of time. It still looks new. And it’s super roomy

11- Turkish beach towel. How cute is this one?! Got it as a gift for someone and loved it. Quick dry and so soft

12- pajamas. I love love love new jams and these are so stinking cozy! Tons of color options if leopard isn’t your thing.

Happy shopping!! I promise they are all tried and true for me! Remember to check my insta today for more great Prime day deals!!



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