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Amazon travel essentials

We are gearing up for a big road trip Friday and you know my love for Amazon. I have been getting boxes almost daily around here for such randomness. All very important and practical randomness though! I wanted to share with you things I’ve found over the last couple road trips we have taken that really have made a difference in our comfort levels and kids boredom scales. Cause if the kiddos are upset no one in car is happy. These items will guarantee no one will be saying, “are we there yet!?”


1- travel pillow is a must for all. I occasionally like to take little cat naps because my husband is the sole driver. He doesn’t trust me behind the wheel in new terrain. (Don’t ask me why? I’m an excellent driver) This one is great!

2- a small travel blanket. Even if it’s warm out, sometimes the air is too cold and I want to snug up and this makes me more comfortable. Me and my girls all have these Vera travel blankets, they are so soft and fold up nicely. This particular one is on sale!

3- we love board games and card games. I bought this one for our upcoming trip so we haven’t played it yet but I will let y’all know! It looks super fun!

4- wiki stix! Do y'all remember these little wax sticks you can wrap and build. they are no mess and great for a car ride.

5- kids travel tray. My girls are getting older but how handy are these? Keep everything together on their laps. They can color, eat, drink, watch electronics and play with their little toys without dropping. genius idea!

6- back of seat organizers. we have these and they are extra great as well for organizing all

the markers, coloring books, extra snacks, they can stick their tablet in the clear part and have hands free. I love some organization in the car.

7- small cooler. we do stop for road trip snacks at gas stations but I still pack some things to save money and time. I take a small cooler with drinks and typically pack chips, jerky, gummy worms etc. Snacks make everyone happy.

8- headphones fo sho! If you get tired of hearing the extra car chatter, pop those headphones in and peace out! I am going to admit I don’t care for AirPods. they just don’t work well in my ears. I would much prefer the big earmuff style. It takes all kinds of kinds. Thank ya.

9- luggage! everyone needs a good set of luggage. It makes a great senior gift and can take you a long way. I am looking to upgrade mine. Mine now are plain black and how fun would it be to have this set. It’s a little extra. Love this set!

10- packing cubes! these are a game changer if you haven't ever used any. Get you some! It helps of course organize but also almost compacts everything so you can pack even more! Haha! I’m a big overpacker but you have to have options and you never know what occasion you might need to dress for! I have these for my girls and they love them too!!

11- makeup organizer. another blogger I follow, Mix and Match Mama posted about this lay flat makeup organizer and it caught my attention. I love the idea of it. Instead of a bulky travel bag this holds it all and she will swear by it that nothing breaks.

So I told you that was a bunch of randomness but I feel like it’s worth the money to buy some of those comfort items to make your trip a little better. These items would work as well for an airplane or cruise trip you have planned. pics below of all the items and everything is linked below description!

Happy Thursday, friends!!




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