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Best Netflix Documentaries

Well I loooovvveeee a good documentary. I always have. Take me back to high school and roll the TV in and pop in the VCR documentary about some sort of American history, I’m down like a rodeo clown. Call me a nerd. It’s fine. I wanted to share my fave documentaries on Netflix that I’ve watched thus far. Add them to your list!

1- JLo! Yes girl yes!! She has always been inspiring and such an icon!

2- yikes. This one is a gut wrencher!!

3- by now everyone knows this story but this was so interesting and just such a crazy story

4- I have adored adored adored every single season they have made. Is adore a good word when we are talking about murderers? This takes all my questions and fascinations with prison and puts it all together. Such a great docuseries!

5- I remember when this little girl went missing and so this was a must to watch. Still wonder where she is today. Is she alive?

6- same situation here, when these murders took place, I think it left the entire country shocked. This showed footage that I had never seen and it made the whole thing even more frustrating and upsetting. Just such a horrible story truly

7- this title lol. It catches your eye and you wonder what it’s all about. Well it is worth the watch. It technically happened in Canada so I wasn’t familiar with the story from news articles but it was good!

8- ummm this is what nightmares are made from. Wow

9- I totally don’t remember this story and it only happened a few years ago. A bomb strapped around a man’s neck, a pizza delivery guy. What what what?! So wild.

10- I just watched this recently and I have always been fascinated with stories of polygamy. It’s such a foreign way of life for me. This was recounts of women and some men who escaped from under Warren Jeffs.

11- creepy!! Wow. This really did creep me out. If you have watched it, what do you think?? Ghostbusters?!

12- yuck. This happened?! In America. Shocking to me.

I think I used the word shocking a lot in my descriptions lol. But man, some of these documentaries left me with my mouth open! Such crazy things and crazy people and crazy stories! It takes all kinds of kinds at the end of the day. But watching and learning how screwed up some humans can be, hmmm trust no one! Haha. Hope you enjoy my list and add it to your watch list! If you have any I haven’t listed that are must watches, leave in comments for me!!

Happy Thursday!!


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