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Celebrate Jesus Day!

Hey y'all! Happy Monday!! Aka Halloween aka Celebrate Jesus Day. We had the busiest little weekend and an even busier week ahead but no complaints here. Thankful and glad for this hectic life. If you didn't see on my social media, this little cutie right here made her school play! She starts play practice this week and I am pretty darn excited for that.

Also this baller has her first Jr. High basketball game in our town's brand new, state of the art arena. To say we are excited is an understatement. So both girls are doing awesome things and this mama is just proud to have a front row seat.

Let's jump in to this post, shall we?

Sooooo for so many years, well really let's just say my whole life, we have celebrated Halloween like most other Americans. The haunted houses, scary costumes, trick or treating etc.

Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with any of that and I'm not judging at all. This is simply what direction me and my family are going and I felt inclined to share.

Our spiritual journey has been up and down over the years but I would say the last year we have been really, truly seeking a closer walk with Jesus. Our Pastor has spoke about this numerous times in the past, so I wanted to share a bit. What you watch, listen to, participate are in control of. You have to guard and protect your heart and soul at all costs. And your childrens. Knowing Halloween is a holiday celebration for Satan or revolving around a demonic presence, my family as a whole has taken a large step back on how we might look at celebrating it.

Our church family makes it easy, instead of the typical Halloween carnival, we have a Celebrate Jesus festival where there are games and tons of candy for the kids. No costumes needed to have a fun time. We give God the glory and praise him instead.

We do thought still have an eight year old girl who thoroughly enjoys dressing up, to be fair, she picked a costume out and we will still take her to a few family or friends houses to "trick or treat." The horror stories about fentanyl being in kids candy though has me thinking nah. Truly what is this world coming to?!

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween Monday and everyone gets the chance to eat some candy!! My go to is Reese's or those little flavored Toosie Rolls. Yum.

By guarding and protecting me and my families hearts, I hope I become closer in my walk with Jesus and dive deeper into his word. If you ever have any questions about Christianity, need a prayer warrior or a friend, I would love to speak to you. Send me and email!


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