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Cowgirl Up in Canton

Hey y'all!! Happy Monday! I am so thankful the kids are back to school and I can have a quiet Monday at home, catching up on cleaning, laundry and Netflix! I am thankful to be off work on Monday so it's not as painful as it might be for some going back to the grind.

This weekend I cohosted a baby shower for one of my sweet sister in laws and I will have to do a post on prepping for a shower soon and share some tips. We had a great turnout and she got some adorable things.

Today is all about Canton, Texas! Whoop whoop! Weeks ago we traveled down and checked out what the hype was all about. Let's goooooo...

Canton, Texas is located a short distance from Dallas, super small quaint little town that stays quiet except for the first four days of every month. Canton Texas Trade Days. Aka worlds largest flea market! Yup. Worlds largest. If that isn't overwhelming then I don't know what is.

Just take a look. As far as your eye can see. Rusty antiques, yard sale items, boutique clothing, home furnishings, farm animals and dogs for sale. Monkeys. Caramel apples. Umm you name it. There is a good chance you will find it here. My Mom had been once and had been asking to take me back to check it out. Her one piece of advice was to bring comfortable shoes. Yes. Yes. I can advise comfort is key.

Canton opens on Thursday and closes Sunday but their main big days are Friday and Saturday. We traveled down a day early and it worked well because we had all day Friday and Saturday and you truly need two days to see it all.

My best girls! Peep the tennis shoes!

Here in Arkansas we have fall arts and craft shows that we have went to for years. 30 plus years to be exact. So we are expert crafters and really have decided we enjoy going for the boutique clothing, dip mixes and the occasional holiday item. I rarely buy home items because I then have to get rid of something in that place in my home. Canton compared to say War Eagle like what we have at home was similar but just ten times larger.

Friday we ventured thru the buildings and ate food truck lunches. The weather was amazing. The smell of kettle corn was in the air and all was right in the world. Then y'all, our trip took a turn...bum bum bum.

My Mom usually is so great at planning and making a trip perfect, I don't know if I can say she hit a home run on where we stayed. She insisted we stay "on the mountain." She talked it up and said the shopping and nightlife and people watching is great. We arrived and checked in what they called, The Chicken Ranch.

Check out those bedspreads. Whew. Now, I will say while it had a rustic charm, it was very clean. Downsides are as follows: we we're connected to a Mexican food restaurant (insert whhaaatt here). We heard kitchen noises till late in the night. I was also worried about a tortilla chip fire breaking out. Oh fire, did someone say, well we had two bright BRIGHT exit signs above both doors. Red glowing lights shining in our eyes all night long. Not ideal. I felt like we were in a nightclub all night long. Those exit signs were not necessary. I'm going to look past the lodging because we did truly have so much fun on our trip. Nothing gonna bring me down.

These ladies are the best and we just had the best time together! Lots of memories and laughing.

Saturday night I solved the red light problem my own self. Girls gotta take matters into her own hands.

Life made. Can we chalk this moment up to one of the greatest experiences of my life! Ha! Anyone that knows me, knows I love monkeys. I had heard you could buy them down there and had kept my eyes peeled. Our last night we stumbled upon these babies. For 7 grand I could have my very own Lemur. I thought that 7 grand was a steal. My husband said just might as well get two. Haha. Can you even imagine? They live up to 30 years in captivity. That is 30 years of changing a diaper.'s tempting.

Canton was good to us though aside from the red lights and the sad puppies in Dogtown that needed homes. Not even sure how that is legal but it was just depressing. Canton made for a great girls trip but would even be a fun couples getaway if your husband liked shopping.

We left Sunday morning and headed north. We knew Paris, Texas was a must stop photo op! The red cowboy hat on top of the Eiffel Tower was so great.

Who knows if I'll make it to Paris, France but I can say I made it to the Eiffel Tower!

We went a bit further north and ran into Atoka, OK to Reba McEntire's new restaurant. Reba's was simply amazing. If your a fan or not, how can you not be, do yourself a favor and stop. The best beans and cornbread I've ever had. The meal was an experience as a whole thought. It started with a bread basket sampler full of sweet and savory breads with gourmet sweet and savory butters. Umm yea. Sign me up! Then came a sampling of fresh veggies including watermelon radishes and homemade ranch. Following was our main dishes which I would say includes mainly those yummy comfort foods. Dessert included is a tray of tiny cranberry chocolate chip cookies. The recipe hails from Reba's very own nail tech. Her nail tech got it going on as a baker. If Atoka was closer to home, I would be going back again extra soon.

Thanks for following along on our extra fun girls trip! Can't wait for the next one!!


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