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Creature Comforts

Hey peeps! Happy Monday!! I am BACK y’all and better than ever. Let me tell ya, I knew COVID was bad and nothing to joke around about but I had always assumed if I would get it, I would do ok. Having been vax’d and boosted, I thought I would breeze thru. Well, looking back at this last week, I was lucky. I really was so sick. I am thankful as heck to my hubby for taking such great care of me. He really didn’t quarantine away from me and says his immune system is like Chuck Norris. I am thankful that my loves haven’t gotten sick. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

So today I wanted to list my top 5 things I couldn’t live without. Only 5! I wanted to narrow it way down. Ok ok, so this is things not people or animals. Obviously I would pick my Savior Jesus Christ, my wonderful family, friends, dogs, longhorns and goats. But this is those daily things that I need in my life.

Drumroll please….

1- Kindle!! No surprise here, I adore my Kindle and it is always near me, charged and loaded with a couple books ready to be devoured.

2- Coffee…always, anytime, iced, hot or blended. Bring me all the coffee. Let me count the ways.

3- Q-tips! This is a weird one but they had to make my list. It’s a fun fact that I am not embarrassed to admit. I like clean ears

4- Good quality pajamas. Yep. Just gonna leave this right here. Nothing better

5- Music. I struggled with putting this one as a top 5 but yes. I almost always have music playing in the car, in the house, on my phone. Music makes me happy. It maybe 90’s country, worship music, rock and roll or rap. Wide range of music choices but it’s always guaranteed to set the tone and change my mood.

So there is my top 5 list!! Now for fun I asked Mr. Rustic what might be included on his list. Obviously he said I was the number one thing. Ha!


-bottled water



-clean socks

He is a simple guy. He just wants to be smelling good (lucky me) and able to protect and serve. Ha!

Hope you make the most out of your Monday!! Tell me your top 5 must haves!!



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