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Current Obsessions

Happy Monday y'all! I have been doing all things fall over here. My most favorite season! Arkansas weather is unpredictable though, it's best to wear layers ha!

Let's talk what I'm currently loving lately!!

Arts and crafts season! Not sure this is a thing everywhere but in my little neck of the woods, we have a fall arts and crafts show and a small one in the Spring. Vendors come from all over and showcase their merch. It ranges from food, birdhouses, clothing, jewelry and more. My Mom and I have been going for around 30 years! It's a tradition that I always look forward to!

Today's post is a compilation of some of my favorites lately. So buckle up and enjoy!

This style is going to be so popular this winter. Instead of tucking your pants into your UGG boots, you wear them this way. I kind of like it and I'm going to be trying it this week because it's definitely acceptable UGG boot weather.

Link for the shortie UGG's!

This dish soap is a game changer. I swear it just works better and last longer because one spray will take care of your job.

This guy! So proud of him. He was nominated at his home office and got to meet and greet and speak. He works so hard so for others to recognize that makes my heart happy.

Our fireplace is coming along nicely. I have wanted a fireplace for so long and to see it coming to fruition makes me so darn happy. This is going to be my cozy spot all winter long. And already thinking how I am planning to decorate that mantle for Christmas!

This! This creamer is my fave and it's in your stores too I'm sure! Try it! This and that fireplace and a good book. I am set yall!

I am actively working on some Amazon Christmas list ideas by age range and genders. So stay tuned for those! If Amazon don't got it, this girl don't need it.

We recently watched the new Hocus Pocus outside on the deck at night and it was spooky and fun. They did a great job recreating the original and how amazing do the sisters look?! Haven't aged one bit I tell ya!

That's all for today y'all! May your Monday be quick and painless. See ya back here soon!!



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