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Daily Grind

Happy Monday! Do you like Mondays or do you feel that they are the worst? You know, they are inevitable and will always come back around, God willing, so i have made peace with them and started thinking more positive. Number one, the kiddos are back to school, bright and early. Listen, I love love love my girls but it's nice to get back to that weekly routine. Plus it's a new, fresh start for the week. Also, let me say, I don't work a typical work week, like most. I usually work two twelve hour shifts and rarely I work a Monday. I shouldn't be talking. Forget my positivity about Mondays. Haha! Sunday I spent the day cleaning my oldest daughter's closet. Five, yes I repeat five trash bags later and six shoeboxes, her closet is looking so much better. Remember a few weeks ago my blog post about being a minimalist, well it was shining in full force. It was joyful getting that project accomplished. Bam! I should have taken before and after but I will say, it was just a mess.

Today, I am doing a day in the life over on my Instagram. Follow me over there, link at the top of my blog page! I have a class scheduled and you can expect loads of coffee involved.

Link here!!

See ya on Insta!


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