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Dog Party

Happy Friday y'all. Today is a bittersweet day for our family as we are laying to rest my husband's very sweet grandma. She was 95 years young and had a wonderfully full life and is no doubt up in Heaven dancing on the streets of gold. For us left here, we are just going to miss her sweet spirit. The peace in knowing we will see her again though gives comfort.

Today I'm blogging about my favorite three letter word. D-O-G. I have been a dog fan for well, my whole life. I have had many, when I see one out in public I immediately go awww and want to pet it, dog videos on TikTok are always a favorite. Ha. Dogs just make me happy happy happy and they really are mans best friend. Today isn't just a post about my little buddies in particular as it is also about the breeds and pros and cons to their breed. If your in the market for a new furry family member then maybe you might decide one like mine might be a good fit. Of course, we have rescued several dogs in the past and I always suggest searching that avenue before deciding to purchase one. There are so many pups you can foster or rescue that have a whole lot of love to give.

Let's jump right in. Over the years, growing up, we had miniature schnauzers. Their names were Zack and Alli. They were wonderful family pets and gave us a lot of years of happiness as kids. I think that breed was great for younger kids and in a family setting. They weren't too small and very playful. Con would be cost of grooming them routinely.

When I was a senior in high school I got a miniature poodle given to me. She was the tiniest little girl and I loved her from the minute I saw her. I wanted to name her Baby but my Mom said no name her something good. We settled on Carly. I was an 18 year old kid with zero responsibility but we bonded. I know my parents questioned if I really was responsible enough to keep her and thank goodness they gave me the chance. I was nearly done with high school and went half days the last semester, I remember taking her with me and leaving her in my car, (with food and water y'all) also it wasn't that warm out yet. So no one report me. She was my buddy and I took her everywhere with me. For so long, it was the me and Carly show. That dog was by my side when I met my husband, my destination wedding, bringing both my girls home from the hospital and I was by her side when she took her last breathe. She was nearly 13 years old when I had to make the most difficult decision to put her down due to a tumor in her throat. We buried her overlooking our pond and even now 5 years later, I still am choked up writing this. My Carly girl will always be more than a dog to me. She was a rock in my life and a true companion. This pic was taken the morning she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Pro of a toy poodle. They are constant companion and just willing to be by your side no matter what. Best in a quiet environment with no small kiddos. I think this type of dog is better for a single family home or older individuals. Low energy and low maintenance except grooming routinely.

This pretty girl here is Birdie girl. We got her for our oldest when she was turning 4. My husband grew always having a lab around the farm and we knew they are wonderful family dogs. She 9 years old now and definitely showing her age but is still very active. About 5 years ago, she started being a farm dog and wanting to go with my husband everywhere. She will work cows with the best of them and is my husbands right hand girl. So funny because we don't even know how that started, one day she jumped in the back of his truck and hadn't ever looked back.

Pros of labs

High energy

Great family dog

Loves people

Protective but not aggressive


They chew till they are two. Once they break that habit then they are perfect!

Prone to bad hips.

About a year after Carly passed away, we really were missing a little inside dog. I started looking and found maltipoo puppies and did some research and we went and met them. We decided on a little girl and named her Lola. She is the funniest most energetic little thing. She stole all of our hearts and she has been a great family dog. She is a great size and doesn't shed which is a total plus. The resemblance to her and my toy poodle is uncanny. I hope we get many more years with our crazy lady.




Loves snuggles




Maggie Magpie is the baby of our family. I have always loved Australian Shepherds. When our actual baby, Presley went to kindergarten, I was sad and crying about it. I caught my husband in a weak moment and he said yes to Maggie. Haha. She was supposed to be a cow dog, farm dog, outside dog so naturally she is an inside, scared of her own shadow couch potato. This girl loves to eat and sleep and go for rides to school drop off and pick up. That is her routine. She is anxious and loves being home with her family. When we leave her to be boarded somewhere, I typically have to get her anxiety medicine filled and make sure she takes it routinely or she will come home sick. Ear infection, eye infection. Something. Not even kidding. She is our worrier. We love this big old worry wart a whole lot though. Even in spite of that hair being everywhere.


Very smart

Can be working dog



High energy





Let's now talk DOODLES! While we don't have one, my Mom has one. He is my fur brother, Deacon and is the golden child of the family. Haha. He has been invited as a guest on Good Morning America for goodness sakes. So he is kind of a big deal. I'm going to ask my mom some pros and cons of having a standard golden doodle.


No shedding

Highly intelligent- from both poodle and GR

Best friend material

Social butterfly

Great companion

High energy

Come in all shapes and sizes


Grooming bill- brushing

Needs exercise or could lead to bad behavior patterns

Wants socializing & attention

This was hard for her to come up with cons for her Dood cause he is pretty perfects

Thanks Mom for playing along.

If your more of a cat lover, my apologies. This post will do nothing for you. We also own two cats and maybe someday I'll do a post of them. There isn't much to say about a cat except they are their own boss and live by their own rules.

That's it folks! Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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