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Everything is better in Texas

Happy Wednesday! I am finally getting around to talking about our vacation to Crystal Beach, Texas. We had the best time.

When we were searching for a quick end of Summer beach trip we stumbled across Crystal Beach. We knew the water wouldn’t be as clear as Florida but the actual beaches looked so nice and their sunsets dreamy. We found a great spot on Airbnb that was right on the ocean and had a big deck to sit and watch the waves roll in. So in Texas, your able to drive up and down the beaches in vehicles, bikes, golf carts, four wheelers…whatever. You can have bon fires and pull your RV right out there and camp. The whole vibe was so chill. I can say for certain, I really liked the laidback lifestyle. Each night we went to dinner somewhere out, the restaurants we visited felt like the locals spots. I ate shrimp every single night. Now I’m in full blown withdrawals. Ha!

While we were down there, it was my hub’s 37th birthday and I surprised him with renting a Traveling Tiki Bar for the day. How stinking fun?! We spent the day in hammock chairs, good music and watched a storm roll thru the ocean complete with a water spout. A little terrifying.

The birthday boy!! Love him!

We are beach people for sure. When we vacay at the beach, we are at the beach. Bring on the sand and sunburns all week long. We traveled with my stepdad and mom and had the best time together. My daughter taught us some TikTok dances and the neighbors beside us clapped. We got ate alive by mosquitoes which was a major downer but nevertheless didn’t ruin our good time. We came home sunburnt, bug bites, tired and memories for a lifetime.

Holy Shark attack!! He caught this big guy right off the beach. If you think about what’s in the water, it makes you want to stay on land.

If your ever considering checking out Crystal Beach you will love the community and the beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets.


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