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Fallin for Amazon

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! Bring me all the coffee, I need it. We had such a busy weekend, cohosted a wedding shower Friday night, I am planning to share some pics later in week from that. Football games and church functions and I'm worn out. Also my household is out of food, we winged it this weekend so I'm stuck making a grocery run today. It's one of those that you need everything. You know your low on groceries when your out of ramen noodles. I don't know about your household, but we keep a bunch of those guys on hand for backup. Ha!

I have been sharing some super cute finds on my socials of clothing mostly fall stuff I have found on Amazon and thought I would stick everything on here as a blog post and maybe give some more in depth comments about how I like the styles and fit.

Can you say game day?! We are Razorback fans so this is our colors. I loved the fit of this dress and it comes in so many other colors. I do however feel that it's too short for me. I just don't like the feeling of a strong wind coming and blowing my dress over my head. Yikes! I'm tall though so this would be perfect on someone slightly shorter. My white boots are also an Amazon find!



Ok I loved this outfit. It was casual but felt dressy enough for any event. I am wearing a large top and it ran slightly big. I wish it was a bodysuit but it was fine when tucked in. Those white booties, so comfy and stylish. Love them! The top also comes in black!



Ready for the pumpkin patch! A felt hat adds to any outfit! This sweater was so so soft! And the ruffle detail was cute! Those white boots again!!


Ok I am so ready for the weather to be sweater appropriate because this one will be on repeat! I love it! It's from Amazon and it was just precious. Also multiple colors!!


The color I really branched out on. I love neutrals and sometimes that can be boring. If I had a whole closet of blacks, taupes and creams though I would be completely ok. This blue color was pretty and the cable knit print was cute too! The length is great for leggings as well. Maybe I need to branch out on my colors a bit.


I shared this little number on my socials today. Love this dress and the print. It's a great church dress and I love it enough to get another print!


Amazon makes my world go round. It is where 80% of my wardrobe comes from. It is just so darn convenient and easy for me. Not to mention their return and customer service is great. Thank you Amazon for being you and making my life easier!

Going to drink all the coffee and tackle laundry on this Monday morning! Cheers and see ya back here on Friday!!


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