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Farm Friday!

Welcome to the funny farm!

Between 3 dogs, 2 cats, 6 longhorns aka yard ornaments (Reba, Barbara Bush, Jolene,

Abilene, Dallas and Selena), a bull calf named Bruno. Four laying hen poultry houses loaded with chickens and about 150 head of Angus cows/calves and bulls. It’s a fun life. Now here’s the deal, I don’t really have a big hand to play in the farm life. My husband does it all! I might feed my longhorns some bread and water them daily and take cute pics of them but he is the backbone of the farm living and I can’t hang with how hard he works.

Bottom line…I’m allergic to manual labor.

Here are so cute pics of some cows and my hot cattle rancher!

Happy Farm Friday!!


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