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Farm Friday

Farm Friday is always an easy blog post for me since I love all my little critters running around here. I love living on a farm and being able to have animals. If my husband would be on board we would own about 15 dogs, a couple monkeys, mini donkeys, kangaroo and maybe a Clydsdale horse. haha. I love all the fun stuff that doesn’t really make money but I tell my practical husband that money doesn't buy happiness but pets do!

On our SD trip, we rented an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. I had been reading the reviews and some of them said ohhh the goats, you will love the goats. When we arrived and found out there was in fact goats right in the backyard, I was in Heaven! I have been asking my very practical husband for some goats for awhile and he hasn’t been interested. Well we then found out these adorable goats that had babies were for sale! Well I am not sure what overcame my guy but he made an offer on two of them and since we were going to be staying in the same place on our way home we would plan to pick them up on our way home.

Everybody meet, Bear and Blue. The mom is a Nigerian dwarf goat and the dad is a fainting goat. They are about 8 weeks old and they are brothers. They are the cutest little guys and I’m obsessed. We built them a small pen just down from our house and every time I step foot on the porch they holler for me. Goat therapy has to be a real thing, I mean goat yoga is. They are good for the soul and we all are pretty smitten with them so far!

They have made the best addition to my little hobby farm that makes zero dollars. Thank goodness my husband supports my habits haha! Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are going to be partying ALL weekend long, celebrating our oldest girl, Mylie turning 13! I’m going to have a teenager y’all. I’m not ok. Someone hold me.

Bring on the cookie cake, teen girls screaming, singing and making Tiktok’s and talking about boys!



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