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Friday Favorites

TGIF! Whew what a long week! The week after vacation/first week of school and back to work! Holy moly! We have a busy weekend with volleyball kicking off for Mylie and the fair is in town! Hello hand dipped corn dogs, cotton candy, lemonade…should i continue on? YUM! This is my favorite time of year and I just love this season of life that we are in with kids sports and activites. I tell my husband all the time that one day we are going to deeply miss the chaos and carpools.

Let's take a look at some favorites from the week!

1- Eugene aka Flynn Ryder (any Tangled fans out there?) We unfortunately lost one of our other goats due to infection so we had to quickly get a friend for Bear. Goats easily get depressed when they are alone, also goats are very finicky. Who knew? They feel slightly sick and just lay down and pass away. Suck it up buttercup. A lady told me recently, a goat is like a man that is sick, they just lay down and die, aka man flu. hahaha. Addendum-this is not my husband though, for he is the hardest worker sick or down in his back, he forges on. We are all loving Eugene though, he is a small fella and super sweet!!

2- Fall clothing finds! Is it too soon to be buying and wearing said clothing? I am soooo looking forward to the rusts, taupes, black, mustard yellows and plums. I am thinking we need to schedule some family pictures wearing all of those colors! Fall has turned into being my most favorite season here in Arkansas. I am on ther verge of pumpkin madness but holding out for September 1st!

Here are the links for everything above!

3- this rug! I ordered this on a whim not knowing the quality but I was blown away. It is so soft, great bold colors, non slip AND machine washable. Checked all my boxes! It was also under 50 dollars! My kids and husband both raved about how soft it was. Nothing spruces up an area in your home like a new rug!

4- my faith this week has been on overdrive. Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit grabs you and holds you accountable . I want to be a better Christian, have better values and be the best version of myself that I can. I have been listening to worship music, reading more of my Bible (my goal has been to make it thru the NT this year and I am in John now so I think I can possinbly achieve that goal!) Finding a church home has been the best thing we could have done for our family and will continue to carry us far. I highly encourage those that don’t have Jesus in your life to reach out and find your tribe. Your community. You wont regret it.

5- crockpot meals! This week I have used my crockpot 3 times for our dinners. Busy lives can mean eating out alot and I just feel icky after so many trips to McDonalds. My crockpot is my buddy. I feel like super mom when we get home from school and sports and dinner is essentially done. This week I have made: BBQ pork, buffalo chicken and Angel chicken and noodles in mine. YAY!

BBQ pork sandwiches

3-5lb pork roast

2 cans Dr. Pepper

whole onion chunked

Cook all on high for 8-10 hours then shred and top sandwich with fave BBQ sauce

Buffalo Chicken

2-3 lbs chicken breasts

dry ranch packet

franks buffalo sauce

1/2 stick butter

Cook 6-8 hours on low and shred. Put on nachos, tortillas, buns etc

Angel Chicken

2-3lbs chicken breast

1/2 bottle italian

block cream cheese

1/2 stick butter

garlic cloves

2 cups chicken stock

Cook on low 6-8 hours then place on angel hair noodles, rice or mashed potatoes.

6- cheer season! I’m officially a cheer mama! My youngest little jewel, Presley decided this year she wanted to do pee were cheer and I’m really looking forward to the cuteness! We got her uniform this week and games start in a couple weeks!

7- My sweet husband surprised me with the best surprise this week! A MacBook Air! I mean are you kidding me?! When I say, we haven’t ever owned a nice computer, I mean we really haven’t. We have gotten hand me downs over the years or just made due with our smart phones. I had mentioned that a laptop would be super helpful for my blogging but assumed maybe a cheap version would be ok. He blew it out of the water and I’m really excited to have it. So far it’s super user friendly and much easier than using my phone. Thankful for my guy always supporting my goals and dreams!

Hope y’all have the best weekend! Make it count!! I’ll be riding the merry go round, eating cotton candy and watching some volleyball! Stay tuned for Monday's post…Tik Tok Made Me Do It! haha! sounds fun right??


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