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Friday Favorites

Did this four day work week seem endlessly long? I don't know but I'm worn slick out. My kids have got to slow their roll. We have so many extracurricular activities that my planner needs a planner. Ha! Let's wrap up the week with some of my fave finds and personal favorites that have been happening lately.

Dollar General Jammie's for the win! Can't beat that price of 12.95 either! She loves them and I guarantee will be wearing them on repeat till Halloween.

If you missed my post on Instagram about my fall table, I wanted to share it again. Ok I am going to share my secrets! I love a good bargain and I am here to tell ya, you can get that look for less. Let's break this down.

The wooden lanterns- Dollar General 10.00

Candles in lanterns- Dollar General 4.00

Charger plates- Dollar Tree 1.25

Napkin rings- Dollar Tree 1.25

Cloth napkins- leftover fabric I had laying around and cut into sections

Pumpkin- bought at TJ Maxx or Ross last season unfortunately

Tablecloth-Amazon. I will link for you!

Bam!! I'm fall ready and feeling so farmhouse chic. I'm already thinking how I can use those lanterns for my Christmas decor next.

My husband has been working long hours in the hay fields this week, while I'm thankful he is getting that second cutting of hay, I miss him. He does however send me amazing pics. Hard to beat an Arkansas sunset.

When I hugged my sis in law the other day she smelled so good I had to hug her again. She smelled like tea tree oil which I love. She said it was this hair product that she is loving. I'm going to have to try it myself.

My Amazon storefront is coming along nicely. I have been finding the cutest fall fashion, home decor, gift ideas and more so check that out!! Amazon makes my life so much simpler and saves me from the heartache of having to shop in the store as often. It's just hard to beat.

Check out this page from Rustic Wifestyle

Just love this song. Never forget that he is for you always.

We have talked about putting a TV out on porch for games and such and we finally did. We sat outside the other night and watched a movie together with the crickets and frogs chirping loudly. It was so fun. I'm looking forward to those cooler evenings enjoying porch time curled in a blanket. This stemmed me to getting our outdoor furniture reupholstered as well so I can't wait to get my cushions back and looking like new!

Every single fall I think and well, sometimes go thru with, dying my hair dark. It takes so long to get it blonde that it's hardly worth the time and effort to switch back and forth but I love the rich auburn colors. Hmmm. My hairstylist will kill me.

Ok I am so thankful I have figured out the magic world of presets. Look I'm horrible at technology, just horrific. Presets seemed so difficult to attain the knowledge but a little step by step and I'm on the road to better, brighter, pictures! Look out world. I'm coming for ya. A preset just helps so much with the lighting. It's a game changer!

Hope your weekend is everything!! Until next time!


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