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Gadgets and Gizmos

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, I've got who-zits and whats-it's galore. Where my OG Little Mermaid peeps at? All you 80's-90's babies know what I'm singing.

Happy Friday! I've been in hospital work mode and sports mom mode this week. Adding wedding mode to my list today, as my dear friend is getting married tomorrow to her guy. Excited for their future together!

Today's post is all things gadgets. Reason 710 why I love Amazon, I find loads of great kitchen and home items that I didn't even know I needed?! Funny how that works out huh? I wanted to share some I use often and love. I've linked it all for you in one simple Amazon storefront link. Happy shopping!!

Perfect measure spoons that also fit in those spice jars.

I could rave about these spatulas all day. You know you are getting old and boring as heck when you have a favorite spatula. Who am I?! I love the wooden handle and the silicone ends. Perfection.

Chop, zest, peel, slice, grate. All in one! Salsa makings in one clean up.

Just as much as I love those spatulas, I'm raving over the silicone tongs. These bad boys are great for pretty much anything. My daughter especially loves playing with her toys and play doh and such with them as well. If I can't find my tongs, I know she most likely has them.

Anyone need a new mousepad, I said household gizmos as well so not limiting to kitchen. I received this and loved the quality. The wrist support is the bomb. Since I'm a fancy blogger, I need fancy desktop items and this fit the bill.

Can't have enough throw rugs. These bad boys are machine washable and I don't have to stress when they wear down. The price is great, I can chunk and buy new. We go thru throw rugs living on a farm and having pets and kids.

This little buddy is a game changer. Hallways frozen hamburger or sausage? No problem, this smashes and breaks your ground meat down in a whip snap.

We somehow inherited these from my parents and we love them. When we smoke meat, pulled pork to be exact, these help rip that meat up. These would make a great addition to your grill master's home.

Pantry organization makes me happy. I need to go even further and buy more tubs for organizing but I bought this can holder last year and I love that it freed up some room for more items on the shelves.

Can never have enough cutting boards. I love plastic everything because it's lightweight and easy to clean and throw in dishwasher. I'm out on the wooden cutting boards, they are not practical unless you are making a charcuterie board.

I recently stumbled across this for my teen daughter's room. She has wanted a mini fridge for awhile and I loved the stainless steel front. But the downside will be that she never wants to leave her room now. I won't see her lol. This fridge is quality and very spacious. The company sent me an awesome code to save you some money honey!! Use code 5Claudia for the discount code!!!

Deal: $64coupon+$5 code off!!!

Reg price: $334.99

Deal Price: $265.99

What a steal!!! If your thinking about a new mini fridge check this one out!

Anyone struggle with drink rings on the table like we do? Annoying to say the least. I fixed that problem with these coasters. They come in other colors but I personally loved the blue marble design.

Check out this list Gadgets and Gizmos from Rustic Wifestyle

That's a wrap folks!! I hope you might have ran across something that spoke to you and something you might have not ever needed until now. See ya back here on Monday!! May love and peace be with ya!


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