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Gift ideas

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was wonderful! Our weekend flew by so fast and now I'm wondering where it went. We have this week to get thru then we are officially on Thanksgiving break. I love the holiday slow down. Bring it on.

So if your like me, Amazon runs your world and makes things so much simpler. I wanted to get some gift ideas together for you. Christmas shopping is upon us and if you haven't yet started buying, you best get on it. The gift ideas I have for you today are based on the everyday gal. Stuff I would love to receive or things I already own and can vouch for.

Click pic for link!

UGG slippers are every girls dream. Period. You don't know what to get for your Mama, your Grammy, your Auntie. Etc. buy them some UGG slippers y'all. This leopard color is uhhhh maze!

An exercise mat. I have this one in particular and I love how lightweight and easy to store it when I am not using it. Which lets be honest, it's not often this is out. Sadly. Haha.

The Hatch nightlight. I've had this on my wish list for a minute. It has a gentle wake up, sound machine and can just be a reading nightlight. This light looks cool.

New pajamas. Look as I get older, I can really appreciate good jams. In fact, please I welcome new pajamas. I love them. I love all things cozy!

Did I say I like all things cozy? Well this blanket proves that. This is a barefoot dreams dupe and I love the neutral leopard color. Give this to any woman in your life and she will love you forever.

I feel so glam when I wear nice leather gloves. This red color would up my glam feel for sure. Love the price on these as well.

I use these drops and typically will year round. When my face is tan, I feel like I can wear lighter foundation coverage. I feel healthier and happier with a tan. Did I get back from Mexico? Maybe! You will never know with my tan drops!

My most sought after gift idea. Kindle Paperwhite. Hands down. Best gift to get your person. I love mine. I also love reading so if your person isn't a reader then don't buy this for them. Ha.

These look so nice. I love eucalyptus and mint. Especially when your allergies are kicking your butt. These would come in handy!

Drew bought me this laptop table awhile back and I love to be able to sit on the couch or wherever and it is much more comfortable. It's on sale too.

I love this courdoroy shacket shirt. I have this color and wear it often. I keep saying I need to buy another one.

This Kendra Scott necklace is on my Christmas list as well. Love the initials trend coming back and I love a KS necklace. They are great to layer or just wear every single day.

Love and use my Ember mug daily. Never have cold coffee you have to microwave again. This is great for me because I'm a sipper so my coffee ends up cold in a normal mug.

Welp I hope my husband sees this list and can check off some items on my wish list. Just kidding babe. I actually got my gift early already. I upgraded and got a new phone. I know one of these gifts would be so perfect for someone special in your life though.

See y'all back here soon!!


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