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Hair of the Dog

Happiest of Friday's dear readers. Should I add a little bit of Bridgerton to my greetings. If you haven't watched Bridgerton then let's move along. What are your holiday weekend plans? We have parties and more parties! Saturday we are hosting good friends' couples shower, Sunday we are celebrating some birthdays' and Labor Day we are having family over to grill out and shoot stuff. It is what we do here in Arkansas. You smoke some meat and shoot some skeet. I am going to make bumper stickers ASAP! Ha!

My husband and I don't have many disagreements in life but one things that is a constant burr in his side is the pet hair in our house. Today I wanted to share with you my tips for keeping pet hair at bay, somewhat. It is literally a full time job around here. We have to dogs and an inside cat and I am positive the cat sheds the most. When my Mom reads this post she is going to say, well you should have gotten a Golden Doodle, they don’t shed. Hey Mom. Haha. When black is your favorite color, having pet hair around is slightly annoying, I will admit that fact, but I love my critters and I can easily look past their faults.

Number one household item that I use daily or every other day is my Swiffer sweeper with the pet hair pads. This takes less than ten minutes to sweep my entire house and it is pure magic. This thing collects it all, effortlessly.

Click on each pic to take you to the link provided! If you love your pets but hate the hair, trust me, I am a veteran hairballer.

Next up on the hair palooza is I stumbled across these items on Amazon and they are so great for rugs! Worth a try. It is a rough metal comb brush sort gadget and collects it in a pile and you can sweep right off.

"you see me rollin, ya hatin, controllin, tryin ta catch me ridin dirty." Couldnt help it. When I say rollin, I obviously mean lint rolling. HAHA. These reusable lint rollers are so great. Portable and just rinse off in water and keep on keeping on.

Pop this in the washer. Collects hair in the clothes.

I use this soft lint remover on my couch because its super soft and doesnt hurt the suede.

Throw one of these in the dryer!

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro! Can I get an Amen> YES!!! I love this tool. It is expensive on front end but does such a great job of tackling any mess!

This solution for the Crosswave.

OK! So using some of these products, you are guaranteed to keep the hair at bay. Try them out today!! How can you not love these sweet faces in spite of their messes. My husband would have to disagree I guarantee!

See ya back here next week!! Eat some smoked meat this weekend!!


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