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How to Live a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Mine was spectacular and full of family time and respite. I got in my pajamas on Sunday by 2pm so that was just blissful. Our message at church this week was about guarding and protecting your family home and mind. You can choose your standard of living and what you allow your kids and self to read, watch, think and say. It made me think and consider, that maybe I should be more aware of those things. You are the gatekeeper of your own home. Just food for thought for your day.

Let's chat all things minimalistic today! I like to consider myself a minimalist. Did you watch the Netflix show Marie Kondo? We could be friends! The definition of "minimalism" means to live simply or live with less. When you think about it, you can break it down into your home, lifestyle, diet or work schedules. I don't carry strong attachments to physical items and those certain items that do mean something have their special place. I prefer clean, no clutter feels. So how does one become a minimalist like myself, follow my simple steps!

1-Become friends with the Goodwill or Salvation Army or any donation place near you. I am always dropping stuff off or throwing things away. It feels good. Try it!

2-Focus on room at a time. It can be overwhelming to think about changing and cleaning/organizing your entire home. So break it down. I love when my girls go back to school, I get trash bags and get in there and go to town! Both of my girls are little tiny hoarders!! Where do they get that from?

3- Start with areas you can see first then move to those "junk drawers". Kitchen counters, bedroom floors, entryways, etc.

4- How much decor does one need? I have my year round decor, mainly always includes a candle and a witty saying placed somewhere or a plant. The only time I break the minimal living rules are when the holidays rolls around. Clutter cant help but increase. You have pumpkins and Christmas trees and wrapped presents. I love it all. I usually decorate for fall on September 1st and keep my pumpkins and goards around till around the week of Thanksgiving, then I flip to Christmas. So I would say three months out of the year my home is a little more chaotic than the other nine months.

5- Don't buy more! If you want to refresh or upgrade, buy it but sell or donate the other to replace it. My Mom does this with her coffee mugs and tumblers and that reminds me, I need to look at cleaning out my mugs cabinet soon! We love to go to arts and crafts festivals where there is super cute home decor. Very rarely do I buy anything for my home but mainly I go for graphic tees and dip mixes and pork rinds. Amen!

6- Clothing! I bet this would be the most hoarded area? Those pants that are the wrong, uncomfortable shoes that you just might wear, horrible itchy sweater just in case. NO! Listen life is too short to wear the tight pants, uncomfortable shoes, old bra with underwire poking out or the broken purse that needs to have the handle repaired. Just toss it. Bye Felicia!!

7- old bedding. We have summer sheets and winter sheets. Ok thats allowed but yea there is no need for all the extra bedding lying around. I have reached out to local pet shelters before and they needed blankets for the animals bedding so you might try reaching out to your local pet shelter and asking about donation.

This is just a few highlighted tips I try and do and live by. My skin is crawling right now to go clean out my teen daughters closet but have to respect her space a little bit so we agreed to do it together soon. I feel like living more minimalistic helps you find peace and new perspective on living. The old saying, you cant take it with ya when your gone, so true. Live in the moment and enjoy your space. Enjoy your home and surroundings without the clutter. Hope you have the best Monday!! See ya back here Friday!


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