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How to Live Happier…

Hey everyone! Oh Monday, yuck. Today I hope this blog post cheers your Monday blues right up. I was hesitant to even write a post on happy. Who am I to say what happiness looks like because everyone's version will look differently. Over the years, I have had my fair share of sad, dark days. Life is hard and it throws some doozies that make feeling happy impossible.

Addendum to this: if you ever feel hopeless, worthless, or depressed: talk to your PCP. There is help out there. Someone loves you, God loves you and your life has value. Never feel like that is your only way out.

I like to think that I am a glass half full kinda girl. Listen life is toooooo short to not be happy. I see that firsthand working in hospital. So many lives lost over the years, young and old that I know had so much life left to complete and do. Only God knows when your time is up, so make the most of it while your here. Here are some of my personal ideas on making your days brighter.

1- Eat the dadgum cupcake. I know almost everyone is always watching their calories and monitoring those carbs. If you live with everything in moderation, then you will be FINE! Don't limit yourself to skipping out on a food or drink that might be a special treat for you because your worried about that waistline. Obviously dont "treat" yourself every single day, but moderation is KEY!

2- Lean on your spouse or loved ones. I like to think I am pretty independent and that I can do it all but asking for help or simply being around people that love me and know me, makes me happy. I enjoy spending time with my husband doing the big things and the everyday things like grocery shopping. A day with my husband, Mom and my girls is one of my favorite kind of days.

3- Drink caffeine! HAHA> this may not be for everyone but darn caffeine makes me happier and more fun to be around. Don't talk to me before my first cup of coffee. It could be dangerous. I have gotten into a routine of drinking an energy drink in the afternoon hour which I contribute to helping me achieve more in the evenings with my girls. I think I am a better Mom with that extra energy fuel in the afternoon.

4-Sit outside. Vitamin D goes a long way. Ten minutes in the sun or shade and just breathing that fresh air. MOOD LIFTED!

5- light a candle. I have two brand new fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works and I am anxiously waiting to light one. Heck i may light it today. When I know I am home for the rest of the day, with no more trips to town, I will light a candle.

6- call or text a friend or even grab a quick meal together. My life is so busy and revovles very much around my kids sports schedules but I have a great group of girlfriends' that we can pick up where we left off and no pressure to meet often. When we do, we laugh till we cry and eat a nice meal together and my bucket is always full afterwards. Friendships are so important for your soul.

7- Self care. Mani/pedi/hair/massages: Whatever your idea of self care might be, Gosh i love nail and hair days. I go about once a month for my nails and every 6 weeks for my hair. I like to be "high maintence" no denying it and it makes me feel good. Girl get that bright red on your nails and I promise when you look down, you will smile!

8- monthly subscription boxes. I LURRRVE a monthly treat mailed to me, even if I am paying for it and expect it. I get Ipsy bags monthly which has an assortment of makeup/hair products. Love my Ipsy. I also have a razor subscription which is a game changer. I have been considering some more, if you have one and love it, let me know!

9- smile! how easy is that? A smile literally costs nothing and can boost your mood as well as others. One thing with the whole season of mask wearing, I missed seeing others smiles. Unfortunetly at the hospital, we will wear mask and I hate not being able to give a cheerful smile to my patients.

10-give a compliment. Just another free thing that can brighten another's day and in turn your own happiness a boost.

11-make sure you acknowledge the bad or unhappy moments. Look life isnt a fairytale and roses. Everyone has stuff they deal with and some more than others. I have some internal struggles with my biological father and that pains me daily. I push alot of the junk aside and try to keep marching and looking ahead though. Know when you can change the course and when it will do no good to dwell on the things you cant change.

12- declutter. I love love love cleaning stuff out and throwing away. I dont like clutter and madness. Obviously this takes time that most dont have to commit to, when you work a full time job. Taking one project at a time and focusing on cleaning that one drawer out, start small and get your life organized girl!

13- plan your life. I live by my planner. I have talked about paper planners in past. Every single week I will sit down and go over my week. I have a family calender aka dry erase board in our pantry and I add all the things on there as well. I want to be organized and know what our week looks like.

14- own dogs. man dogs are unconditional and always up for some lovins. I truly cant imagine not having dogs in my life. They make me smile.

15- GOD!! My main number one, ultimate happiness. Truly how I wake up in the mornings and fall asleep at night. God is it for me. He has to be placed before everything else. I am so thankful for my faith. I havent always had a strong connection to church and my faith but he grabbed my heart and I have never looked back. I love learning more about the Bible and worship music is my jam.

So making this list, just cheered me right up. I hope you enjoyed and maybe you will find something that resonates within your soul for happy. Start out this Monday with your happy dance and go smile at someone and tell them that they are awesome!


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