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I’m alive…

Hey blog world! I've just fallen off the face of the earth. There are zero excuses except that maybe I needed a restart. This whole social media is difficult to navigate. There are days that I feel confident, have good material to post, trips to post about, clothes to try on, photos edited and all is right in the world. There are other days that are slow, I feel old, no collaborations, the only trip I've taken is to the grocery store, I'm just not feeling it, I am in the moment with my family, I feel old, wrinkly and compare myself to other lifestyle bloggers. There I said it. I am 37 years old and just starting out in this whole blogging world. Does anyone really care what I have to say? I like to think I have gained some genuine knowledge thus far. Its so easy to compare myself to other Instagram influencers and how amazing their wrinkle free foreheads look. Truth, I'm threatening Botox soon because 37 is hitting hard.

Saying all this out loud in the same hand, I'm embarrassed because really there are much much bigger problems for people in the world and not how many followers or clothing collabs I have going on. Real life problems and I'm keenly aware that this is minut. I have officially been Rustic Wifestyle a year this month and feel like I still have so much to learn. It's frustrating when you don't get accepted into certain platforms and of course that weighs on you. Why am I not good enough or why don't I get more likes on that picture. It was witty and funny. Come on people. Ha! Who stinking cares.

Finding joy in everyday life is so important. Making sure your mental state is healthy and having hobbies or something in your life that makes you happy. I've blogged on happy before. I love happy! It's easy to get yourself in a corner and feel down and out. We all do it. We also all compare ourselves to others. It's because we are human. Realizing that everyone has the same struggles and junk in their own lives that they are dealing with makes you appreciate your own junk.

So my point to this story media is all fun and games but it's not real life. Not caring what other people think of you is so much easier said than done but I have to constantly remind myself. I live for God. He loves me deeply. He is my reason for all things. I want to continue growing and learning and feel so darn blessed that I can even do this little side hustle. I am thankful for Mr. Rustic for believing in me always and for purchasing my state of the art laptop that assists me in this gig.

I am trying to remember the reason I started blogging and that is to have fun and share a little bit of my world with y'all. I hope I can continue to do that and it might be something y'all want to read. Writing is a great outlet and something I would like to do more. Pull up a chair and stay awhile. I'm glad to be back!


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