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Ice Cream you scream

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! It’s been so darn hot around here we have been eating a whole lot of ice cream and popsicles. I am pretty sure both my girls would solely survive on them both if I allowed it.

The other day I busted out my ice cream maker and sat on front porch and made a big, delicious batch of vanilla ice cream. My Mama is a pro at making homemade cream and this recipe I got from her and it’s tried and true.

You can add flavors or fresh fruit if you want to mix it up. I wanted to make peach but my girls trumped me and so I ended up making a peach preserve topping that was a great summer flavor. I added peaches, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla together and cooked it stovetop till it reached 200*. Spooned into a cute little mason jar and placed in fridge to cool.

Life is too short to skip the ice cream! No regrets!



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