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It’s the little things…

Happy Friday y'all!! I just got done last night with my hospital work week and feeling extra thankful about it. That place is a roller coaster of highs and lows, busy then slow, then overwhelmed busy then manageable. This week in our community, is a very large motorcycle rally. As you can imagine, motorcycles and the ER sometimes unfortunately go hand in hand. Thinking of my coworkers who will I'm certain, be extremely paced the next few days.

Today I want to speak about little victories or those small things in life, or my life rather, that make me happy. Obviously these are solely my opinion and your little victories will look different. I think having a grateful heart and giving it to God, thanking him in all the good and the bad times.

A fresh cup of coffee that is just right. It's flavored with the perfect amount of creamer, it's not made too strong and it stays warm till I drink it. Yep.

No plans on a Saturday. We stay so busy, it's so nice to not set an alarm and have a slow, lazy morning. This hardly ever happens but as we get closer to the holidays I am hopeful we will get some of these.

A good hair day, when I go to the hair salon and she styles it. I feel like a million bucks. I never can seem to get it smooth enough or looking just like she does.

Holiday decor. I get so happy to bust out my pumpkins but even more excited to get my Christmas stuff out!! We are tossing the idea of a real tree this year and I just don't know. I like keeping my stuff out for a long while so that would be a downside.

A fresh donut, cinnamon roll or apple fritter. Well I sure wish I had one right now. Delish!!

Worship music in the car all alone and feeling that tingle on your skin and in your heart. I love to blast some worship music and sing unashamedly. If you see me as you drive past, mind your own business.

My pets. I have dogs, cats and goats. They all make me smile. I love my animals. I would have ten more.

Those little moments when your kids say or do something sweet. These moments are fewer and far between as they get older and closer to those teen years. Boo. I cherish them though. I miss those little baby and toddler years so much sometimes. I am enjoying the new season of life with my oldest though, as we navigate boys, school dances and friendships. I want to be a sounding board for her and the person she goes to anytime. I may give horrible advice sometimes though as we decided this past week haha. I forget I'm mid 30's and I can't remember how a teen might think. My sweet P is 8 so she is still mostly snuggly and sweet. She stayed home sick today so I'm hoping for some good snuggles today. I am so thankful for both my girls though and my truest wish for them in life is to grow up to be wonderful, kind humans. That love God and have compassion and love for others.

Spending a perfect day with my husband. There are so many different ideas of the perfect day, I enjoy checking cows with him on a beautiful sunny day, I love a rainy day on the porch drinking coffee together. I love a breakfast date or a Sams trip. I love shopping spree's because he usually will buy me something I wouldn't have bought myself. As our girls get older, it's important to date your spouse again and put the time in so you remember you do actually like that person and being with them. When your in those baby years, it's tough, your both exhausted and the kid takes up way too much of your time and energy. It does get easier though parents. When they are in school, we love a good day date.

Good Morning America. I love the routine of turning the TV on each morning and catching the news for the day. I find that I am much more informed for conversations and I think it's important to know what's happening around you.

Close relationships with my family. I am so thankful that my Mom is my best friend. Now as a teenager, who would have ever thought I would say that? I cherish our time together and I don't take for granted for a second that she is here with me, in good health and my best friend. I also have a great relationship with my twin brothers and their families. Not everyone can say that. I can't imagine not having a close relationship and friendship with them and being in my nieces and nephew lives.

Travel plans. I love daydreaming and planning. We are hopeful to take a big trip next year. Big enough it requires a passport for the first time. Eeekkk. We will see but it's fun to plan and think.

Crisp, cool, fall weather at a football game. I am stating this because we are having some cooler temps tomorrow and in fact going to my daughter's cheer at the football game. Soooo looking forward to sipping on my coffee in the stands.

Dinner with your group of friends. We are planning the fall birthdays get together soon and I know the laughs and shenanigans will be something wonderful. I love getting together with my girlfriends. Good for the soul.

A clean house. Laundry done, dishes put away, my house is rarely completely done. Something is always looming and on my to do list. My main concerns for always having done, clean bathrooms, no dishes in sink and swiffer the floors. The rest of it, well no guarantees.

Ok well there are some of my little victories. I could keep them coming but I need to go drink some more coffee and swiffer something. Have the best weekend!


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