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Kitchen Counter Views

Happy Friday! Whoop whoop! TGIF and all the things!! We have our little cheerleader cheering her first football game this weekend and otherwise it’s looking pretty quiet and I’m ok with that.

Today I thought it would be so fun to talk and show kitchen counters. Real life style. I didn’t glam this up for y’all. This is typically how they appear daily. I did clear the dirty dishes from the sink though. Ha!

We built our house in 2008! Whoa. Time flies when your having fun. This is the original layout and look of our kitchen except a couple years ago we took some doors off, tile backsplash, replaced the window and painted the cabinets white. I really have loved the white cabinets more than I thought and feel like it brightens it up so much. I will do a before and after remodel post sometime!

All that being said, this post is about what I keep on my counters typically. I don’t like clutter and a lot of noise on my counters. I am thankful for most of the big cooking appliances, I have a deep cabinet that houses those items and pull them out when I need them. The one large cooking appliance we keep out, besides the coffee pot because that is the ultimate thing, is our air fryer. We use that darn thing nearly every single day. Love our air fryer more than we even thought we would.

Let’s get started!!

Still loving that rug!! You can find it here, I linked the picture!

Boring and bare OR Minimalistic Mama?? Yes the latter!! Now during holidays, I add things, I have a load of pumpkins I stick here and there! I’m so tempted to get those guys out this weekend!!

I try to keep fruit out in sight so maybe my girls will be more prone to grab that for a snack?! I also love a crispy apple in the afternoon hour.

This granite sink was also something we replaced and I couldn’t love it more. I love the color, depth and one bay. If your considering saying goodbye to your stainless steel, I haven’t looked back.

My little wooden slab makes me happy and I’m trying real hard to keep that African Violet alive but it hasn’t bloomed in awhile. Sigh. So the lunchboxes are real life stuff. During the school year, they out waiting to be filled up for the next day.

This, this is my little happy corner! The tiered tray definitely gets swapped during holidays. I used to keep a keurig and my pot on the counter but I have decided that I prefer pot coffee and that the keurig is merely convenient. Who really knows if that is real coffee in those little pods and how old is it? Haha. I’m becoming more and more a coffee snob. I have been threatening to grind my own beans next. If you are looking for a great air fryer I can get you the link, we love this brand, size and style. It’s a “Instant Pot” brand Air Fryer. My coffee mug is a game changer too! My parents got mine for me as a birthday gift and it heats to the perfect temp. If you have a coffee lover in your life, get this for them. My only complaint is it only lasts about an hour charged and if your like me, I sip on coffee till noon. I will link it for you though, click on the pic!!

Ending this blog post with brownies! So I like to equal things out, I keep the apples but it is very normal to always see a pastry of some sort under this glass. My girls love brownies and it makes for a good after school snack. Everything in moderation!! Wish everyone could come sit in my kitchen and have a brownie and catch up. Hope y’all have a great day and weekend! See ya back here on Monday!!


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