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Hey guys!! Happy happy Monday AND it's Christmas week! Get loud! I am ecstatic to do all the things this week and traditions gonna be hitting hard. Friends' I'm pretty sure I'm losing my mind. I am not ever the girl who loses her keys or wallet. I am very much over the top on keeping up with my things and schedules. This week I have been all over the map, enough that my poor husband wants me to get a CT scan. He said that Saturday night. Oops. It's the most wonderful aka busy time of the year and us Mamas have so much on our plates. So I might have left my keys on Friday, my purse on Saturday in a public place (we luckily got it back safely) and cookies for church Sunday. It's fine, everything is fine. I tried to explain, look I'm trying to make sure the gifts are bought, wrapped, delivered. I have cookie parties, friend’s parties, church events, family Christmas' and more. At the end of the day, it's a whole lot. I think after the 25th, I'll be back to my normal ole self who is back on track. It's the season of crazy. Hard to maintain your sanity.

I had my girlfriends Christmas party this past weekend and we had so much fun and lots of laughs. The party was a bring your own grazing board and we had such great eats. I made a post on some of the boards. Love the grazing board theme and makes for easy clean up and low key stress for preparing food. This coming Friday night I am hosting my extended family and we are doing appetizers aka finger foods. I'm still planning and researching my options but ya know Pinterest helps. I am officially done Christmas shopping in stores besides some grocery items and thank you Jesus that I am. The stores are scary busy. My sweet husband decided we should make a trip to Sams and Target over the weekend and I kept saying ehhh I don't think we should. It's gonna be crazy. Well it was insane. We ended up leaving Sams quickly and we even forfeited our shopping cart. Like left it in an aisle and peaced out. Whoa. So many people. He is such a sweetie though and his main reason in taking me out was to buy me a kitchen aid mixer! Eeekkk I've wanted one for pretty much ever. I do a lot of baking and I had been using this cheap little guy from Amazon for years. I'm so so proud of my new mixer and love to see it on my countertop. Love my fella and very appreciative of his thoughtfulness. The night we brought it home, I made four dozen iced sugar cookies. BAM! It was so much easier and fun with my new mixer guys!

This little cutie worked so hard for months on her Christmas play. She was elf #11 and she rocked it!! We love this little elf!

Speaking of plays, this hottie was in the church Christmas play. He stole the show as the wiseman. Haha.

I hope you have the best holiday time with family or friends or whoever you celebrate with and may God bless you tremendously this holiday season. Thank you for supporting me and I don't want it to go unnoticed. I really appreciate each of you!

From my family to yours! Merry Christmas!!


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