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Makeover Monday!

How true is this statement! I love to be tan. I feel skinnier, prettier and confident. In my teen years I tanned in a tanning bed like most. Hello wrinkles! Nowadays I will allow myself to lay out in sun when we have pool days or beach trips with like an SPF 15 but I’ve gotten smarter about how harmful those UV rays can be. A few years ago my husband bought me a spray tent and spray tan machine. While it gives the best/most even tan it’s impossible to do myself. So I definitely use the foam spray tans most often. I typically reapply 2x a week and always use a mit so you don’t have orange hands. Here are my top faves I use.

This is a spray which isn’t as forgiving as the mouse. I like the deep bronze color it gives though.

I’ve used this for awhile and I like how well the mouse applies. It ends up with a slightly green tint though in my opinion. This was my fave until I found this one below.

I just purchased this one. I really really like it. It smells decent, goes on easy. Feels lightweight and is very natural looking. It’s also the cheapest of the 3. So win win.

Say goodbye to the harmful UV Ray days and make people think you have been in St. Tropez for a week with these bronzers.

Happy tanning!


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