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Mama Love

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday!! Man the weeks are dragging on and I'm counting down days till school is out. We are two weeks out and I can't wait to have my babies home! I'm a nicer, more laid back Mama in the summer. No bedtimes, sleeping in and no homework to speak of. I love that lifestyle.

In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, I wanted to pen a little bit about my own Mama and what it means to me to be a Mama. So let the love fest start.

When I look at my own two girls I don't honestly know how I got lucky enough to be their Mom. So many women try and never get the opportunity and my heart hurts for you. I truly will never take being a Mama for granted. I remember when both my sweet girls were placed in my arms and that immediate connection. This fierce love that comes over you like a wave and a vow of protection and guidance over them always. Look a Mama bear is a real thing. I have cherished the many memories and growing phases over the years. As we near those painful teen years, I just put my faith in Jesus, advice from other Moms who have been thru the trials and maybe a self help book along the way. Pray for me guys! Ha! I will continue to show up for my girls and love them fiercely as long as I'm on this Earth. They are the most precious thing to me.

In my own words what it means to be a Mama. It's simple. To put your kids needs before your own and to love unconditionally. To show up in the little and big things. To hold their hand when their little and hold their hearts as they grow.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have my Mom. Life hasn't always been easy for my Mom. She had to grow up early when she tragically lost her Dad unexpectedly. She had me at a young age and then twin boys a few years later. She never gave up. She soldiered on over the years and was always the one constant thing in my life. She worked 5-6 days a week you guys! She always made or brought home dinner and we ate together. She made Sunday dinners and made holidays extra special. I remember her Easter baskets, Halloween decor and wonderful Christmas mornings. I remember her taking us to the first day of school and doctor appointments and needing her when I was sick. She darn sure showed up and still shows up. A Mama is needed so much for the big and little everyday things and now that I am raising daughters, I understand that. I was a jerk over the years. Truly. I broke her heart and made bad choices over the years. She continued to love me and try her best to guide me. A Mom is someone who never gives up and loves their kids thru thick and thin. How thankful and blessed am I.

One specific memory that I was especially a jerk was the day she came home from work and I was packing a bag. I had decided I was moving in with my bio Dad. My 15 year old self didn't see the whole picture at the time and I wanted to have freedom and no rules. My bio Dad didn't care what I did. It was the perfect plan. Until it wasn't. It took me two years of living in numerous houses, numerous wives and utter chaos to realize I needed my Mom and her stability. Do I regret those two years. No. It taught me who I was and what I want from life. It taught me to dig deep and be tough. I might be carrying some emotional baggage but I'm tougher for it.

My Mom is the best Mimmy to my girls and I adore their relationship. I pray we have many more years of travel and fun together, three generations of a whole lot of sass together.

I know my Mama will read this because she is my biggest fan. She will text me and say she cried. I love you Mom. I thank you for the 37 years of loving me and I celebrate you everyday but especially this Mothers Day. Your the most wonderful human being and your mine!!

Love to all the Mamas out there, the ones who no longer have their Mamas on Earth and those who desperately want to become a Mama.


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