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Meal Planning Monday

Happy Monday! Monday begins a new week, a new chapter, a fresh start. Make the most of it and know that it's never too late to make a fresh start and change where you are at in your life. You are in charge of your happiness and outlook. We only have one life here on Earth so make the best of each and everyday.

Well today being Monday and that fresh start, I'm talking MPM aka Meal Planning Monday! It's fun to see what other families might do for their meals and how their weeks look. Our daily schedules vary with hospital hours, sports seasons and daily activities so it always changes weekly. I ideally, sit down on Sunday evenings and tentatively plan my week and meals. If the universe is all aligned I like to plan my week and then grocery shop on Monday's when the girls are back in school. Now summer schedule also looks completely different than school year schedules so keeping that in mind, here is what our week looks like this particular week.

We rotate the same foods give or take because I know they are family favorites and will get eaten. Always some sort of taco night whether it be taco meat for burritos or a taco casserole of sorts. Always a pasta like spaghetti, tortellinis or fettuccine. Get in my belly!

Let's talk my work days. My hospital schedule is 6a-630p and I live almost an hour away soooo I don't get home till 730 at earliest days that I work. This Mama isn't going to fire up the stove and make a meal. Nope on a rope! I am very thankful that my Mom in law typically feeds my girls dinner if she is picking them up from school or that might also be when fast food comes into the picture. My typical work day dinner is my trusty old standby: uncrustables and string cheese. It's hard to beat.

This week we will be eating out a little more also due to volleyball games and we are going to see a play on Friday evening so that will consist of a nice dinner out somewhere. Yum!

Thanks for playing along with my MPM and what our family will be eating this week! See ya back here on Friday!!


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