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Memorial Day USA

Hey happy Friday and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Eeekk it's a long holiday weekend and my babies are home for the summer! Vacation is in two weeks and all is right in the world! This week has been busy and any other parent with kids in school knows what I'm talking about. Camps, award ceremonies, field days lordy lordy! This week my oldest was a volley coach to my youngest. It was fun!

Memorial Day brings the start of summer, BBQ, lake days and family time but I am also always humbled when I think of why we celebrate it. Thank you to all who laid down their lives serving our great nation. So many died so that I can be free. I think everyone should remember that little bit this weekend as you celebrate.

When I think Memorial Day, well shoot let's not kid ourselves here. When I think any holiday, I am planning and scheming food! What we eating, drinking and desserting. Is that a word?! Deserting desserting...anyways.

Today I wanted to give you some great recipes to bring to your Memorial Day get togethers!

My idea of the perfect menu would be as follows

Bleu Cheese burgers

Tortellini pasta salad

Cowboy beans

Corn on the cob

Flag sugar cookie

Sweet tea

Whew! You having that, you best send this gal an invite! So here are a few of those tried and true recipes from my kitchen!

Tortellini Pasta Salad

Listen this is so good, it's even better the next day. I could just make a meal on this alone. You can add and customize it to suit your family. I omit onions and bell peppers every time but add banana peppers.

1 package frozen tortellini (cooked according to package)

Cherry tomatoes

Mozzarella pearls

Pepperoni or salami or both

Bell pepper



Italian spices

Italian dressing right before serving (I prefer Brianna's)

Who can resist burgers and brauts in the summer? I love a good bleu cheese burger! It's all the flavors and it works!

So my best friend has the best baked beans and I finally got her to send me her recipe so I can share it with y'all!

I unfortunately don't have a pic of them but trust me, they are real good!

My Mom started making the flag sugar cookie years ago and it's a family fave. I make it for the 4th of July as well. It's easy, festive and delish! Roll out your sugar cookie dough as flat as you can. Bake 350 for 10-12 minutes. Whip up a stick of cream cheese and 1/2 cup granulated sugar with a splash of vanilla. Use your mixer to get it smooth. Spread it over the cooled sugar cookie and top with your cut up fruit. Bam! Impress all the peeps at your next patriotic function!

If your wanting to switch up the main dish, gosh you can't go wrong with a shrimp boil! Around my fam if someone is celebrating a birthday in the summer, we just might break out the steam pot and throw some shrimp down. I have also shared on my social media how to do a Sunday night shrimp boil in the oven. Fun, feeds a crowd and the most expensive part of the meal is the shrimp itself. Otherwise your talking potatoes, corn on cob, mushrooms and seasoning.

May your long weekend be filled with whatever brings you joy. Be as happy as a kid eating watermelon off the rind. See ya back here next week!!


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