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Music is….

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to get a little personal and share my favorite Spotify playlist with y’all! Now if you don’t have Spotify, you should haha. We have the family membership which can include up to 6 members. My husband, myself and our girls all have the Spotify app on our phones and on our roku TV’s. How awesome is that. We have it at the beach, in the car, cleaning house on the TV, in our ATV, parties etc.

Music to me is so important. I love how it instantly lifts my mood and makes me smile. I like a wide range of pretty much everything. Obviously depends on my mood but I’m down for anything with a good beat. 90’s country will

always have my heart but 90’s/early 2000’s rap takes me right back to bumping my music on subwoofer speakers in my mustang at the age of 18. Yep I was that girl.

So in no particular order here are some favorites! I would love to hear what yours might be as well!

Comment below your top playlists! I would love to check them out! It’s going to rain here in Arkansas today so I’m going to enjoy my rainy porch sitting day to the very fullest! Eeeekkk I love a rainy day!! See y’all back here on Friday!!



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