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My Happy List!

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Happy Thursday! I have a fun day planned today, starting at the orthodontist for my daughter’s braces appt then meeting my fam for a girls lunch and seeing the movie Elvis! Wahoo! We come from a long line of Elvis fans. Seriously though it’s true. Some kids go to the Grand Canyon for family vacation, but ours went to Graceland. I can say I’m a huge Elvis fan now as an adult. Looking so forward to seeing the movie!

I wanted to come up with a list of things that make me happy. My “happy list”. It really was easy to do and I probably could have exaggerated the list some more because I have a whole lot of happy in my life. I am not saying there isn’t bad days or sad things. Of course. But I try to lay all that down and wake up each day with a happy attitude and find the joy in even the small things. I laughed after reading my list, I didn’t realize how many food happy’s I have on there. What can I say, I like to eat. Enjoy reading and learning about all my happy’s!!


 -Fresh baked cookies right out of the oven

-Smell of a rain shower sitting on my porch

 -Fresh cup of coffee with good creamer

-My dogs/goats/longhorns

 -Growing flowers and new hanging ferns every year for front porch

 -New set of nails

 -Long walks down TJ Max, Ross and Hobby Lobby isles ahhhhh

 -A soft blanket and a good book

 -Sunrise and sunset at the beach (I always set an alarm to wake before the sun does on vacay)

 -Clean sheets (yes please)

-Holidays my fave being Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day

 -New pajamas (as I get older I catch myself upping my PJ game)

 -Donuts: any and all kinds. These little dough balls are just a sweet little addiction

 -Dinner with girlfriends where you laugh till you cry

 -Jesus: spending time in his word with him

 -When that worship music hits your soul and you cry

-Cinnamon rolls with my mom (we are experts) you have to have the icing to roll ratio just right

 -Arts and craft festivals: this is a tradition for as long as I can remember.

 -Salon blowouts

 -New Ugg boots/House-shoes

 -Checking cows with my cowboy

 -Chic fil a always at any point in the day, I’m here for it!  

-Karaoke: I love singing and watching. Always so hilarious

-Mexican food: just like chic fil a, I am always down like a rodeo clown for some chips and salsa

-Being a mama to my two girls: my favorite job in the whole world 

Coming up with this list was fun and it made me happy. I think that whenever I feel blue (because let’s face it, we are all human and have bad days) I am going to read this happy list and I know my mood will instantly perk up. Y’all should make your own happy list! At 36 years old I have a darn good list, and I’m proud of it!!

Share in the comments some of what might be on your “happy list!!”



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