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Mylie is 13!

How has this happened? My gracious!! Mylie Jo, our first born angel baby turned 13 this past weekend and I’m still not quite sure I want to admit it. She is so easy to celebrate because she is so fun and sweet.


13 years ago, we went thru nearly 20 stinking hours of labor. 20!! By the time she finally made her appearance, we were so exhausted that I could hardly function. She came out this tiny little 7 pound 2 ounce girl that needed premie clothes for about a week because everything else swallowed her up. We learned real quick how to nurture and care for her. Her likes and dislikes and all the things we said we would never do, we did. Haha. Like sleeping in our bed till she was 5. No regrets.

Mylie has the biggest heart and loves her people hard. She is so loyal and caring. She is passionate about basketball and sweet tea. She is starting to get into fashion more and that makes me so happy! I love having girls! She has so many attributes of her Dad as well though and I think is the very best parts of us.


This year her birthday fell on a Saturday which was so fun. Her vision was to get a big group of her besties, go to buy an outlandish outfit and wear said outfit to Topgolf. We did just that. They picked out hideous sparkly gowns and boy did they get some looks at Topgolf! BTW. If your looking for a great party, Topgolf was amazing! They made it so easy, from the food to the entertainment factor. Those injectable donut holes have a piece of my heart. Yum!


If you have any tips for survival of the teen years send them my way! I know we are still in a sweet spot but I am a realist and know that could very well change. Teen girls can be cray! I know I was and I apologize to my Mom still to this day! Ha! For now, I’m savoring her still being sweet mostly and she will even still hold my hand on occasion. Forever my baby! My Mylie girl.



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