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Quick Summer meals under 20 dollars!

Happy Thursday folks! Listen, when I started my blog I never ever had intentions to post recipes and such. I don’t even consider myself much of a cook. We survive around here on the staples I do cook, quick meals and eating out a whole lot. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, I enjoy it but I’m pretty particular and eat like a child, and my girls are the same way. So if I go to the trouble of making a new recipe from Pinterest, my youngest most definitely is asking me to make a Mac and cheese cup. Ugh.

I want to share what I keep on rotation around my kitchen and it’s going to be very simple and quick overview of what it takes to make it. Everyone gets stuck in a rut on cooking, I know I do.

1- chicken burrito bowls!

I cook the chicken tenders in my air fryer. jasmine rice and all the toppings make this so delish and it makes enough you can eat on for a bit. YUM!

2- BBQ pork shredded in crockpot. This is just simple! Get a pork roast or butt and throw some BBQ on there and cook on low around 8 hours and stick it on nachos, wraps, buns whatever!

3- stovetop lasagna. My fam loves lasagna. I will make it the typical way but also throw it together quick on the stovetop and make it that way too. You brown the meat, throw in sauce and broken lasagna noodles and cook around 20 min then top with cottage cheese and mozzarella and serve it up!

4- walking tacos are a family fave and we do these a whole lot in the the summer at get togethers! It’s about as easy as it comes. Brown a bunch of hamburger taco meat, get your taco toppings and small dorito bags. Top away and chow down.

5- shredded Buffalo chicken in crockpot. People think the crockpot can only mean winter foods but it’s so nice coming home from the pool or a busy day and dinner being done. I use my crock pots year round! This I love because it makes a lot and can be used so many ways. Wraps, buns, nachos or eaten alone. I too with ranch and cheese!

6- air fryer chicken thighs. We live by our air fryer. It’s so great! We make so much in there! These chicken thighs are easy and taste grilled! I usually season with a chicken seasoning or marinade.

Ok sooooo I know it wasn’t super detailed. So sorry! Ha! Like I said I’m not a superb cook but I love quick and easy dinners for family! I’ll gather more and share seasonally with you guys!! Comment below if you have a great easy recipe I might need!!



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