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Read this or that?

Hey yall! Happy beautiful Tuesday! Life is nuts over here at my house. Cheer, volleyball, school pics, home projects and sick kids. Geez. Love all of the madness and this season will pass.

Today, I want to blog about E-readers VS real life books. This subject has been in my mind the past couple of weeks because my Mom has a subscription to Book of the Month Club. Which sounds so fun. They mail you a hard copy book monthly. She has been letting me borrow her past months, I was so hesistant to even open a page knowing how stinking inconvenient it would be. I finished it though, slower than normal because you would have to remember to throw it in your bag before leaving the house and make sure to read in a well lit area. I mean ugh the struggle is real yall Now I have my kindle or phone almost always, so a E-book is never far. I annoyed my sweet husband with the bedside lamp on at night, lugged it around in my purse and spilled some coffee on a couple pages, sorry Mom. I have voiced my opinions before but I am all about my Kindle Paperwhite. It is one of my most prized possessions. HA! but for real. The sheer convienence of an E-reader is worth having one. A study that was published this year showed that 72% of Americans have read a book somehow in the past year. 37% read only printed books while 7% only read E-books. I am surprised that number isnt greater. So maybe those real life page turning paper books are here to stay.

Pros and Cons of an E-reader/Tablet


-vacation, you can just haul one device and not pack heavy books. Friends, when i go on vacation, I read alot. It is so exciting to know I will perhaps devour a book or two on a trip. I would absolutely hate to pack hardback books along with me. I dont need anymore help with heavy luggage.

-read in bed. I am a big read at night or in a dark cozy space kinda girl. My husband doesnt probably appreciate having the bedside lamp on and while I could invest in a good book light, I'm gonna say hard pass. The backlight of the Kindle Paperwhite is just perfect and doesnt hurt your eyes whatsoever.

-download a new book at midnight. Get wild. I may finish a book late at night and immediately want to download my next choice. I dont want to wait two days for Amazon Prime to deliver my next book. While they are amazing, I need immediate results, people.

-Kindle Unlimited. I have this membership, its 10.00 a month, but features so many, thousands of books, all included in that membership. Now most of the choices wont be those new release, highly spoken of titles, there are some really good ones. Typically I purchase one of two books a month and the others I find on my Kindle Unlimited Membership.

-space in your home. Do yall have like a personal library or what? I dont have any room in my house to keep a bunch of books laying around. Makes me think of Beauty and the Beast, she was always my favorite princess and she was a reader!

-E-books font style and size can be adjusted. This is a huge pro. Some of those prints are so tiny in real books, lay down those reading glasses and just increase the size of your font to jumbo. Your good to go, sister.

-Goodreads, this app is one of my faves. So when I finish a book on my Kindle, it delivers the message to Goodreads and updates my tally. It is like my own little book club.


-HAHA i dont have many honestly, except, you do occasionally have to charge it. Not often though. Those batteries are legit. I feel like approx every two weeks, I charge mine.

Now lets speak on good, old fashioned, vintage, dinosaur printed books.


-the smell and feel of a real book in your hands. I will be the first to admit I do love that. The nerd in me.

-66% of readers say that reading a printed book offers a more fulfilling, unique reading experience. You feel it, you smell it and you remember it.

-Supposedly e-readers offer more eye strain and sleep disruptions than traditional books, but I dont notice this.

-bookmarks. hello! book fair kid in me loves her some bookmarks. I feel as if I am missing out on some great bookmarks in my life.

-I mentioned book fair above, goodness I loved a good book fair. When my girls have had book fairs at their schools, I have volunteered in past because I was genuinely excited about being around a bunch of books. In fact, being a librarian might have been my calling. I love medicine but maybe when I retire I could get a part time gig at a local library. Hmm....

That is really about all of the pros I can come up with for traditional books. I obviously have my mind made up but what do you prefer? I know we are creatures of habit but I am seriously hooked and you should give an E-reader a shot. See what you think for yourself.

My kindle is here AND on sale!!

Kindle Unlimited sign up here!!

Book of the Month Club subscription!

See ya back here Friday!


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