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Rusty’s Fave Beauty Products

Hey y'all! Here is me, blogging twice in one week! Whhhaaatttt? Can I keep it up and shoot for three? We shall see.

I am so behind on sharing my days with y'all so I do have loads to chat about. Today though, I want to share my favorite beauty products with you. I am a drugstore beauty product thru and thru. I do splurge occasionally on products I have found are worth the money but otherwise, I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. The convenience of buying your chuck roast and your makeup primer at the same time is also a huge win in my books. I don't have an Ulta in my small town and therefore Walmart or the good old Dollar General suite me just fine mostly! Ha!

I'm linking all my products here on my Shopstyle page.

Let's get this party started...y'all best take notes.

This is my fave self tanner! Hands down. So easy. It's a foam, make sure you buy a mitt to protect your hands but I put this stuff on an hour or so before bed and wake up bronzed. I just feel better with a tan! It's also under 10 dollars! Whoop!

This primer me and my daughter both bought on a whim and we loved it! Makes your face unbelievably soft as you apply your makeup. It's under 10 dollars as well!

Fave purple shampoo for all you blondies out there! This is a really great dark purple color to bring out the icy tones. Love this stuff.

The real MVP's here. These guys. So cheap. Under 6 bucks for 100 wipes. My whole family uses the heck out of these!

Fave toothpaste. I switched to the charcoal kind, it tastes totally normal and not weird. I feel like I don't have to whiten with my trays as often too.

Gotta have it! The natural makes me feel slightly better since there was a thing recently about it being bad for your health?? They never officially banned dry shampoo so was it bad? I feel as though it's a mainstay for me to wash my hair every other or every three days.

I've blogged on this good stuff before. Great mascara, great price point. I am always switching up mascara trying to find a better one. This is a good one.

I'm always switching up powders as well. This has been pretty good, also have the foundation. I like anything matte. I don't wanna look like a grease ball.

Fave fave fave concealer!! Great coverage!

I have worn this shade, Revolutionary for awhile. It's a great everyday for me. They have a bajillion colors but it's magic. Put it on of a morning and never have to reapply in a days time. It stays put.

Gotta make the switch to aluminum free if you haven't yet. I got my whole fam to switch and now I cant even tell a difference.

This stuff gets me thru some tough times. Haha. I go every 6 weeks for root touch ups but I have to use this stuff starting about the 4-5 week mark. It's crazy how quick my hair grows. I have so much gray it's insane. This covers it and helps me stretch to my next appt.

Love this hair product. I'm on my second bottle. It is pricey but one bottle lasts nearly a year I would say. A little dab will do ya. It makes your hair so silky.

And that's all folks! Drugstore/grocery store beauty faves! Hope you add some to your next grocery pickup or use my link and buy to try for yourself! Affordable and tried and true by yours truly.

We are headed to Texas Friday morning to the world's largest arts and crafts fair. The things my Mom talks me into. I don't know if I should be excited or scared. I will be back next week to tell y'all all about it! I have heard you can purchase a monkey or a designed puppy there too. Who knows what we might end up with!


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