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Shampoo, How Do You Do?

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! It is May 1st!! EEEKKKK. I get so beside myself happy when May rolls around. Schools almost out for Summer with lots of end of the year fun. Mothers Day celebrations for the mamas. It is my Mom and baby girl's birthday month. We have fun in May. This week alone we have a 3rd grade musical and a basketball banquet to attend. I will miss the chaos when my girls are grown. I relish in the chaos now. Hence why we decided to get a yorkie puppy for our almost 9 year old birthday girl! Meet Daisy everyone! She has only been with us for 2 weeks now but has been to the vet twice and already has had two antibiotics cough tablets and pain meds. Whew. My husband keeps saying, what did I agree on. HA! She is perfectly sweet and so tiny. Presley is overjoyed and loves her a whole lot. The potty training and chewing is something you kind of forget until you do it again. Blah.

Today we are talking all things shampoo and of course conditioner because those two go hand in hand. I dont know about y'all but I switch up my shampoos often! Like sometimes every time I grocery shop. You know this girl is getting those drugstore brand shampoos. I am here to rate the ones I prefer and if you wanted to try a new brand the next time you buy your fruits and veggies, this post is for you.

One thing, I might buy the drugstore stuff but I have learned to look for the ones without sulfates! Sulfates are chemicals used as cleaning agents and are found in household cleaners and detergents. Sulfates clean that dirt and debris but can leave your hair too dry and brittle and cause unnecessary breakage. Hard pass on my hair. I put too much bleach on this head to give way for more breakage then i already have. It gives you the "suds" when you wash. I like the said "suds" and it is hard to not have that but I have found that when I wash my hair twice, I will regardless get the sudsy feeling the second wash.

Who remembers these OG Herbal Essence bottles?> I loved me some Herbal Essence back in the day. HA! But they got them sulfates.

About every other wash I use this brand. I have switched purple shampoos over the years and this one is priced well and does the job. If you have blond highlights, a good purple shampoo is a must!

Ok, I know I did say drugstore and I mean it. My hairstylist got some of this for me to try. It is a great daily shampoo and I liked it a whole lot. The price, not so much. I go back and forth because I do spend alot on my hair to keep the gray away so its silly to not invest in your daily hair care products as well. My girls and I all used this for a stent and I do recommend it if you want to spend a bit more.

Sisters, this shampoo and conditioner is so good. I love it. The price is great and you get some suds action. They have different kinds for color, curls, hydration etc. Try it out!

This shampoo 2 in 1. ugh. I am dissapointed so much. Their deoderant is popular and I wanted to try out their shampoo. I will say this smells amazing! seriously amazing. It leaves my hair feeling so dirty. Nothing makes me more angry than to go thru the process and commitment of washing, blow drying and straightening this mane, for it to feel dirty and filmy. Not impressed Native.

Love Beauty and Planet. Hard pass. Don't you waste a second on the pretty labels and fun smells. PS. they smell amazing too. This stuff is like trying to wash your hair with jello water. The shampoo left my hair feeling unclean and dry. The conditioner was slightly better but its a big NO for me.

There ya go folks, I saved you from some mistakes in the shampoo isle. I have linked all of these shampoos here! Even the ones I didn't love.

Hope your week is amazing and full of sucesses~


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