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SoDak Part 2

Happy Tuesday y’all!! We are still getting our ducks in a row from being out of town. In all reality my ducks are never in a straight row but slightly skewed at all times. ha!

Kicking off part two of our travels, we visited the Badlands. The Badlands are located right outside of Interior, SD. Interior doesn’t have much to offer but the real hidden gem here is the Badlands.

The Badlands are millions of years old and a collection of eroded earth made up of rocks and steep terrains. When we arrived I immediately felt like we were on Mars. They filmed some of the movie Armageddon there, so that proves my point on it feeling like a whole other planet.

While we were there, we took the scenic loop in our vehicles and stopped at all of the overlooks and took tons of pics and hiked. The day we went it was hot. Too hot to hike much. We saw a lot of cacti, prairie dogs and unfortunately didn’t see any of the black footed ferrets which live thrive there. My husband and I both said it would be so cool to be there during a storm and see the rain running off those rock formations.

After we hiked around and tried to capture a prairie dog to take home, not even kidding I tried to run and grab one but those little fellas are quick, we went to WALL DRUG!!

The last time we were up in SD, we saw about a billion signs advertising this drug store called Wall Drug. We penciled it in our itinerary and let me tell you it was overwhelming.

Wall Drug opened years ago as a small pharmacy and they were not getting many customers, due to poverty and being in a small town. They thought outside of the box and decided to stick some road signs on the highway advertising free cold ice water and 5 cent coffee. That marketing scheme drew people in and that’s how it grew. They in fact still have free ice water and 5 cent coffee! So cool huh!

We ate lunch there but it was a bit of a cluster. It was cafeteria style as you ordered and their menu was simple. I had a chicken sandwich and a donut. Yes not your typical meal, let me tell you that donut was high ranking. Wish I had a 6 pack right now! I’m just a girl who really enjoys donuts.

After we ate we shopped around there and Presley spent the rest of her birthday money. We went to their “backyard“ area and there was loads of shenanigans out there. A lifelike trex, a singing gorilla playing the piano, a jackalope and a water area for kids. A whole mess of fun. All together I felt overwhelmed at Wall Drug. It was crowded and weird. I am glad I can say I checked it off my list. I probably wouldn’t go back unless it was to get another donut.

I should have taken more pics of the madness but here is a little sampling for your viewing pleasure.

That gorilla is straight out of a nightmare! What the heck!!

I will catch y’all again here tomorrow and share part three of our time in the Black Hills!



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