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South Dakota part one

Yo! Yeah, you bet ya.

I am talking like a Northerner already. We got home from SD late Friday night and I have been playing catch up. You know the drill, laundry, picking up dogs from boarders and grocery shopping to restock because we are down to some saltine crackers and canned sodas.

I am going to break up our trip into three parts because there is just so much to squeeze in and I want to include all the deets.

South Dakota is about 16 hours from Arkansas, so we decided we would break it up into two daya. We left our house on a Friday morning and made it halfway to a tiny Nebraska town. We rented an Airbnb there on a small farm on a dirt road. I had read some reviews and knew they had some goats and horses so my heart was happy! We really enjoyed our stay and loved those goats!

We arrived at our final destination on Saturday afternoon and it was another Airbnb. I love using the app. It makes finding the perfect rental so easy. This trip we had a large group, it included my husband’s parents, his brother and family and my oldest daughter brought a friend. We had a group of ten. When I was looking for a place to stay, I wanted to make sure it had enough room for everyone to spread out and have their own areas. Needless to say. I loved our cabin in the Aspen and Pine trees. It was three story and had wrap around decks. Every morning we saw some sort of wildlife, including wild turkeys, marmots, deer and chipmunk.

Ok so one thing I do when I go on any vacation, something that makes me happy and starts my day. I set an alarm for daylight somewhere between 600-630, make a pot of coffee and go sit on the deck and read my book and Bible and scroll social media. I love getting up before the rest of the house wakes up and enjoying that time. Whether I am at the beach or the mountains, you will catch me doing this little happy routine.

Our first real full day in SD we went down to Deadwood. This was probably my favorite day of our trip. If you have watched the HBO show Deadwood, you would have loved this town. The rich history of this old mining town and the wild western stories get you completely immersed in the ambiance. Wild Bill Hikok and Calamity Jane and their legacy really left an impact on this town. We enjoyed shopping and eating all afternoon, they had shootouts that the kids loved, whiskey tasting, loads of gambling and local western flair touristy items. Everyone had something they could enjoy.

Deadwood you will always hold a piece of my heart. I loved the rustic elegance and old Wild West feels. My husband called me Calamity Jo while we were on this trip because I like to think I am as tough as she was and I just love hearing about a strong female from 120+ years ago who made a large impact in history. She paved the way for many. Keep following each day this week for vacay recaps.



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