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Summer Slowdown

Happy Monday AND Happy August 1st!

Being that today we are officially reeling in this summer season I wanted to share with you my top things that I love about Summer.

1- life slows down. We have slower mornings, later nights and I just have a sense of calm over me that I don’t feel thru the school year. I like to keep a pretty strict schedule during school and when I work, so I definitely let everything fall to the wayside and I’m more laid back.

2- no school lunches to make! I get all giddy the start of a school season with big dreams of cut out sandwiches and themed meals. But that lasts approximately 3 weeks then I’m throwing lunchables in their lunchbox. I’ve heard of some moms having their kids make their own lunches but I feel like mine wouldn’t pack the right stuff and wouldn’t make good decisions. Ha!

3- no alarm clock. This isn’t everyday because I do still work and we have stuff but I do enjoy getting to sleep in a little more than typical and having those quiet mornings to myself before the kids wake

4- less showers. Do your kids hate taking showers? My youngest despises them. It’s a fight to have her wash her hair. So even though I’m embarrassed to admit it, we end up showering less in the summer around here. Oh you went to the pool and swam, ok. That takes care of your shower for a few days.

5- my girls get along! They play video games together and have sleepovers in each other’s bed. It makes my heart swell when they are sweet to each other and get along.

6- I read all those great summer themed books! Those cute little romance, summer, tropical themed books just hit differently when your in Summer mode. Check out my Goodreads here!

7- pedicures! I treat myself thru the summer to these and not so much in winter. I love being sandal ready with some shellac’d tootsies

8- sundresses, straw hats and sandals! Yep all of the above. It takes less thought for me to get ready in summer. Throw on a dress and cute sandals. Bam! Or denim cutoffs and a tank. Done.

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9- pool days! My Mom lives about 30 minutes from us and she has a beautiful outdoor area and pool and we visit as much as possible and really enjoy lounging poolside.

10- flowers and ferns. Although by August I’m usually sick of watering things, I do enjoy my yard and porch and having the pops of color and the pride I take in growing something

11- homemade ice cream! I blogged on this but yes! This has to make my list. Yum!

12- vacations! Obviously right?! We have been fortunate to take some wonderful vacations over the years. It’s a hard choice between always going to beach or seeing the rest of the USA. We honestly haven’t done much international travel, not saying I’m not interested because I have a long bucket list! We love the mountains but I feel like the beach has our heart. I love the laid back vibes and having nothing planned. We are actually traveling to the beach next week so I’m pumped!

13- spending time with family. My cousin comes in the summer for a month typically and we get some extra special time with my nieces and nephews who are out of school also. Makes my heart happy to be around family as much as possible

14- iced coffee! This hits better in the summer than any other time. I’m here for it!

I feel like once we get back from the beach, I will be shifting into fall mode. The fall season definitely has my heart. I am looking so forward to crisp mornings, sweaters, boots, pumpkins and my kids sports seasons to kick off!

Hope the start of your week is spectacular!!



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