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Sunday Night Routine

They say Easy like Sunday morning but Sunday nights have their place as well. I like to think my Sunday nights are "self care Sunday."

Sunday morning we have our church routine. Wake up, typically cook a breakfast for my fam and drink the coffee and do the things. Sunday school at 930 then normal church till 1200. Lunch includes us either eating out afterwards or home to eat leftovers. I always plan a big Sunday evening dinner knowing they are usually slower and no plans included. Once we are home from church, my jams go on asap and laundry, especially sheets are washed, dishes and household chores are done.

When Sunday night comes round, dinner is done, the kitchen is cleaned, laundry put away, kids showered, backpacks ready, lunches gathered and I can settle in. A whole lot of times we end up watching a family movie together snuggled on the couch. It's always guaranteed to be a glorious day. I love slow Sunday's with my people. No plans and pajamas included.

I always make the time to have some self care on Sundays though. Most of the time, I will spray tan, use a lotion that smells good, face or hair mask, read, spend some extra time on my skincare routine, dermaplane my face/eyebrows and take care to get rid of those pesky chin hairs that grow faster than I realize. Yep, I'll admit I have chin hairs. The things your body does as you age is laughable. If I had a bathtub I would absolutely be a bath person I think. We didn't put a bathtub in our bathroom addition and sometimes I do regret it because I could add that to my routine too!! What kinds of Sunday evening routines do you like to partake in?

We are starting our week out with a sick kid. We went to a field trip mid week last week at an indoor arcade and I think caught the flu? Ugh. It's been a long weekend. Looonnnngggg. This Mama is ready for her crew to be healthy and happy. We only have approximately 5 months till the start of Summer. Counting down the days now.

Have a wonderful week y'all!!


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