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Hey peeps! Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week. My list keeps growing so I am just trying to tackle one thing at a time before we leave for vacation on Sunday. To make things more fun, We have a lake day with the volleyball/basketball teams tomorrow and a last minute back to school parade Friday night that both girls are riding in. Whoa. The day are long but the years are short. I’m thankful for a good planner lol.

I want to dedicate today’s post to all the wonderful teachers’ out there. Looking back, I fondly remember some of those special ones I had and they truly did leave a lasting impression on me. Mrs. Smith in first grade, was so old and kind (that’s what I remember lol). Mrs. Patterson in fifth grade was cool and let me doing jobs around the classroom that made me feel special. Mrs. Cook in high school made me strive to be my best. So many of them shaped and molded me and it truly takes a village to raise kids. From the immediate family to coaches, teachers and pastors. I am thankful my girls have great leaders and influences in their lives too. Thanks to the real annoying, won’t name his name, math teacher who gave me a D and made me take summer school one year. Ugh. I hate math still to this day. But hey it shaped me.

I have several friends and family members who are teachers and I just think they are extra wonderful. My sweet sis in law has taught kindergarten for 10+ years. I mean uhhh no thanks. Hard pass. Bless her sweet soul. My cousin teaches fifth grade. Ehhh, kids are just a lot and like to push every single button you got. So teachers have the patience of a saint. Back in college days, I struggled to find the perfect job that fit my schedule and applied and got hired at a daycare. Well I was put in the toddler room my first day and as you can imagine a room full of toddlers would be, I never returned the next day. One day was enough for me to know, I wasn’t cut out for that line of work.

As we are gearing up to meet our girls new teachers for this school year, it got me excited to find a cute little first day of school gift for their new teacher. I’ve linked everything for you here!

Check out this list Gift ideas from Rustic Wifestyle

I hope and pray this school year goes well for each and everyone. May you continue to shape the minds of every child you teach and know that you are making a difference in their lives.



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