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Thank you Jesus

Welcome and Happy Tuesday!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to write this post, mainly because I want to say everything in my heart about how I feel.

I did not grow up going to church every Sunday. I did grow up knowing I had a god fearing Mama who loved the Lord and a Nanny who was the most wonderful Christian woman. She is who I contribute alot of my faith early on from. I remember going with her and sitting in the pew, coloring and her always having a half stick of old Juicy Fruit bubble gum that would tide me over thru service. I do remember her holding her hand up and praising the Lord though. It left an impact on me.

Fast forward sometime and as a teen I went to youth groups on Wednesday nights and honestly it was a social thing. Again I think some of that faith soaked my bones. I decided at age 13 to ask the Lord into my heart and be baptized. It was a special day for me and I remember feeling really proud. As I went along thru my teen years, I’m sad to admit I didn’t walk thru that faith and made a lot of mistakes over the years. No excuses, I just strayed away from my faith. I know Jesus never wavered in his love for me over those years and he definitely had my back. Sometimes I think, Lord thank you for loving me thru those years and keeping me safe and alive. I owe him everything.

Let‘s fast forward to 3 years ago now because this story could travel farther and deeper. My hub and I both were similar in the fact that we both didn’t grow up in a home church where we were members and had that feeling of a big extended family. As our girls were growing, we had talked for years about finding a home church and a place we could plant our roots. For them. We just didn’t try too hard to look.

I have a testimony I want to share with y’all, this was a wake up call in my soul. I was dead asleep and yall I never remember dreams. This dream I remember vividly. Millions and millions of people were lined up on this riverbank just waiting and everyone was so so happy and crying. Hugging one another. And this loud trumpet sound blared. We all knew we were going to Heaven. Jesus had come back for us. I’m telling you, I still get chills. I really feel like that was a sign for me to make things right in my heart and my faith. My God fearing Nanny who is up in Heaven may have nudged God a little and said give her a kick.

We found our forever church home 2.5 years ago now and have never been the same since. being a healthcare worker in the hospital during COVID especially the early pieces of COVID, I needed something to get me thru that trying time. It was a rough period of my career and that deserves its own post someday but finding our church and getting back into the power of prayer is what I truly needed. Our family needed. I needed faith so badly in that moment. I truly think it’s what helped me heal and move past how COVID affected me as a healthcare worker during that time. It’s how I handle situations now in my daily life. Having faith and being a Christian holds you to a higher standard of living. A higher standard that I want and need in my life as a Mom, Wife, daughter and friend. I want others to see me and think hmm something is different about her. I want others to know that I radiate Jesus and that I have a servant heart and that I am a better person because of HIM. My God is an awesome God. I want to help others and spread how good he is. If you ever want to know more please reach out because I would love to share my journey with you. It truly is a journey and I just feel really blessed at where my life and my family is headed.


First pic- best day ever!

Second pic- my hub and our oldest daughter also accepted the Lord and we three were baptized together. it was so special! Last pic- my god fearing Nanny. I miss her always and still can remember that old purse lint covered chewing gum.


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