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Thirsty Thursday

Well this is a post I can say I’m real passionate about. What I drink in a day. My daily intake is a whole lot of coffee and some water with a little aspartame thrown in there. Ha!

Growing up a kid in the 90’s I drank Mt Dew and Surge. You couldn’t pay me to enjoy a Surge now and I will occasionally drink a Mt Dew for old times sake usually when I eat Taco Bell but it doesn’t hit like it used to. Taco Bell and Mt Dew just belong together.

When I graduated college in 2008 and went to the hospital life on night shift I started my coffee habit and I’ve never looked back! This girl loves coffee! It is my favorite part of the day to listen to a pot of coffee brewing and holding that mug in my hands. I get giddy when I pour that first cup and feel the steam crawl up my face. Man I sound like I have a problem huh. While I wish for calorie content sake that I could drink it black, I enjoy the many flavored creamers too much (my fave is French Vanilla or Italian cream) and so I am somewhat of a coffee snob in that regard. When restaurants only have half and half I just can’t make that work out for me. My sugar to half and half ratio is always off. Typically I have two cups in the morning and make it at home but definitely treat myself to Starbucks or another local coffee shop once a week. My go to order at any coffee shop would be a vanilla latte or mocha with an extra shot, anything with cinnamon or I love the nitro cold brews with sweet cream. I will mix it up sometimes and get iced but I prefer hot mornings and iced afternoons. Typing this now I am hankering for a cup of Joe. My middle name is Jo so it really is just destiny that I have such a love for it. You will almost always catch me with a cup in my hands!

I can’t remember at what point I decided I needed to drink more water but as I’ve gotten older it’s become my staple. If I’m not drinking caffeine then it’s water or a water with a flavor packet. I do catch myself using flavor packets more often because who just enjoys plain water alllll the time?! These are my most fave flavors below!

Let’s talk energy drinks. I have caught myself choosing energy drinks in the afternoon over coffee because I get more of a pick me up and who isn’t falling short by mid afternoon. I feel like energy drinks are more glamorized now too and some are geared towards women. Do I worry about the side effects and junk they typically have? yeah kind of. What do you think and feel about energy drinks? These are my most fave! I mean there isn’t a bad Alani Nu. They are so stinking delish and practically free of everything. Win! Monster teas are also really refreshing and light. I like all three flavors. Alani comes out with new flavors seasonally I would say, and I make it a personal challenge to find them and try them.

I think it’s fun to see what other people drink and can vouch for. Those who have caffeine sensitivities just move right along. ha!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!



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