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Three People

Hey guys!! Happy Monday! Happy Daylight Savings and all that business. I used to absolutely hate working night shift at the hospital that particular weekend because it put us working an extra hour. Yuck! I was thankfully off work and definitely not a night shifter anymore either. Last night at 630pm I was thinking it was pretty much bedtime hour though. The getting dark early makes me want to hibernate!! Aka eat horrible comfort foods and Netflix and chill and gain winter pounds. Gotta keep that in check but those little heavenly Little Debbie Christmas trees are in the stores and they are my weakness.

Today I wanted to do a blog post on the old saying, if you can invite three people to dinner dead or alive who would it be. I didn't have to think very long on my first two. I had to consider my third one though. So this will be fun! I would also love to hear your top three choices as well!! Here we go!

Jesus. This is a given right? I mean I can't even imagine getting to sit across the table from him and talk. I would give so much. I know I can talk to him now and he listens but meeting him. Wow. I know someday when my time here on Earth ends, I will run to him. That Mercy Me song, I can only imagine, gets me every time. Will I dance for him or fall to my knees.

My Grandma, my Nanny, my Mom's Mom. She passed away when I was 16, suddenly way before we were ever ready to let her go. It is still very painful and sad knowing she missed out on so much of my life but now knowing my girls didn't get to meet and love her. I would love to share a cup of coffee with her, introduce my girls (her namesakes) and squeeze her so hard. We talk of her often and joke that my Mom is in fact becoming to much like her. I think I would have made her proud, she always said I was the apple of her eye. I would love to have her tell me that one more time.

This last one I had to consider a bit. And this is pretty random but it was a toss up between Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, Anne Frank and drumroll please....Cleopatra!

Cleopatra was the winner! That mixup was pretty wild right? I had to choose Cleopatra because she was a powerful, strong historical woman. The culture and the influence. I think she was beautiful and the whole vibe she presents, I'm here for it. I would have her teach me how to perfect a cat eye eyeliner and maybe she would give me a gold bangle. Ha! I would tell her to stay away from snakes!!

This was my own personal list! I want to hear yours though!! Drop it in the comments or post on my social media story and I will share some on my next blog post!!

Have a great day!! See ya back here Friday!!


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