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TikTok Made Me Do It

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Monday! I had the best but busiest jam packed weekend! We had extra kids around our house all weekend so my pantry is looking bare. Thank you Walmart grocery pickup for coming to my rescue.

Today I am sharing some tiktok trends that have caught my eye and made me try them out! Tik tok is the black hole of time and I honestly don't get on the app too often but when I do, its guaranteed to distract me for a bit.

1- Hailey Bieber nails! Who's that you might ask, well i know she is Justin Bieb's wife obvi. I. had no idea she had made this nail style/color a whole vibe. It is definetly a thing. Thanks for keeping me young Tiktok.

2- acai bowls. never have i ever tried one until recently. I had seen them and was semi interested, so when my teen cousin was here over summer break it was the perfect excuse. I am still trying to decide if I enjoyed it. LOL. I love smoothies and that part of the bowl was good but i wasnt a huge fan of the tasteless granola in there. It was pretty though and made for great photo op!

3- FACE SLUGGING! ewww. I literally knew nothing of this madness until a friend told me to watch some tiktoks on it. So what you do is your normal nightly facecare routine (wash, toner, moisturize) then top with a thin layer of vaseline. It essentially is just a barrier to ensure all the good products stay on your skin. It is supposed to ideally help with wrinkles (can i get an amen). I was worried about breakouts but honest to goodness didnt notice any new things pop up. The major complaint for me was the greasy hairline and pillow. I really only did this trend for around a week and got tired of being a grease monster. Did it work? Unsure, although I will say, I felt like my skin was more dewy or glowing.

4- the criss cross braids. if you cant find this elsewhere, check out my insta for the details. This is probably my fave tiktok trend. I can not really braid well. I barely sneak by in that department and definetly cant braid my own hair. This is so simple! You wake up the next day with perfect beach waves. No heat required! Love that I stumbled upon this one!

5- last but not least! The Spring Valley probiotics! Whoa there is alot of commotion on this vitamin online. I know it is impossible to find in some Walmart's but my local store had it and I snagged a bottle. I think probiotics are a good thing regardless and can help with digestion/absorbtion/bloating. This little green bottle has been helpful to me in the fact that my bloating has gone down tremendously. Directions on bottle say take 3 a day with food, I think some may space them out with each meal, but I have been taking all 3 at night. Check them out!

I will definetly try some more trends and get back to yall! Have the best day!


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