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Tuesday Tips

What a weekend! We hosted two parties and attended another in three days time so needless to say, I'm exhausted! Saturday we hosted a very small wedding shower dinner for friends, which was quaint and just so nice. We had a bring your own steak theme and it was a hit. We had so much meat! Labor Day we hosted my family and my husband smoked a delicious brisket. My heart is full from the wonderful friend/family time. I need to do a whole blog post sometime on how to throw a party together in simple steps! Yep. I'll work on that for you!

Today drumroll please....nightly skincare routines! Listen this girl has came a long way from my old self, using a baby wipe to take my makeup off. Talk about dry your face out. Ha! I started becoming more aware of my skin and the quality when both my girls went to school. Obviously those early Mama years are fast and furious and your way to exhausted to spend much time on yourself so your lucky to even remember to remove your makeup, let alone moisturize or anything else. I have been pretty consistent for let's say 5 years now. So this is my step by step easy no fuss skin care routine.

Let's get this party started, hair in messy bun is required for your bedtime skincare regimen.

Here are my essentials. Now this is all typical drugstore variety items. From left to right.

Clean and Clear foaming facial cleanser

Kitsch makeup remover towels (these are magic)

Equate brand makeup remover towelettes

Prescription Retin-A cream

IPSY under eye cream/moisturizer

Toner I found at TJ Maxx

Those towelettes are used by my entire fam. We love them. It starts the process of cleaning your face and removing that top layer of makeup or daily grim.

Now a good everyday cleanser, I switch this up but this is a good one and that drugstore price tag. A good friend got me these Kitsch brand makeup towels and I don't know how they do it but they will remove your makeup better than anything. I'm linking them for you because I love mine so much and they would make a great gift for someone in your life!

If you haven't ever checked out the beauty products at TJ Maxx then your missing out on some great steals. They have those high end products for great prices. This toner has been great, I apply it with a cotton ball after washing. It smells great too. Obviously you might not find this brand but a toner has so many benefits. Add it to your nightly routine!

These little drops of sunshine are amazing. I don't use them every night but I would say twice a week I use about 4 drops in my Retin-A and moisturizer and wake up the next morning with a great bronze glow. When my face is tan, I can get away with less foundation or powder. Linking those for you too!

Here we go. Tanning drops, moisturizer and Retin-A. Now I'm aware this looks gross. It honestly looks like a bird pooped in my hand. Ha! But my little concoction is one step away from having a glow that says, "I just got back from Fiji."

Let's talk Retin-A. My dermatologist says, if your a woman over the age of 30, you need to be on a Retin-A cream. Over time, this cuts down on those fine lines and wrinkles and who doesn't want that. I haven't been great at using this routinely and when I don't, I can tell a difference in my skin. It shrinks my pores and smooths my skin so well. Talk to your MD about your options for starting this skincare routine!

You glow girl!!

Everyone's skin is different but I know that everyone can benefit from washing their face before bed nightly. You only get one epidermis in your life, so make it count and make it last! Have the best Tuesday and take note that it will only be a 4 day work week for most! Yippee!! See ya back here Friday!


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