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Type A Planners

Hey all my peeps! Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was amazing! Mine sure was. Today I wanted to talk planners! Long long ago before kids I didn’t own a planner nor did I need one. I was oh so free! Ha! Today, my planner is everything. If someone asks to do something, I say, oh hold on I have to check my planner and get back with ya.

There are three people out there: people that don’t use any sort of planners (weirdos), the techy folks who use their phones or laptops as a planner and me, the good old paper planner system. I can’t explain why a paper planner feels better to me but I genuinely get giddy when I pick a new one for the year and of course buy cute pens and stickers. Gotta make life fun!

My fave pens for my planner

My fave stickers

I have to share my fave paper planner, I have used The Happy Planner for years now. They are affordable, Walmart carries them so that’s a huge win and they have tons of options for color/size. To keep up with my kids schedules is a true feat with sports, dr appts and social lives. Not to mention my work schedule that is never the same, always changing. A person could get real confused quickly.

Here is my Happy Planner this year. It’s been a great size and fits in my bag great. Check out these real cute ones I found on Amazon for you! These are styled for the school year so they go August-August. I think that is great to start a new planner with the school year especially with kiddos.

Look at just a few of these cute prints! How can you choose?!

Hope this inspires you to get organized or try a new style planner and make it fun!!



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