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What Have I Been Reading?

Hey everyone! Happy happy Friday! I hope your week has been positive and wonderful and your weekend is even better. The weather here in Arkansas has been so pleasant the last couple days, it really does feel like fall and that makes me so happy. I don't like winter but fall has my heart. Today I am meeting a friend and taking some clothing try on pictures so I will have to share those with y'all soon, spoiled alert though, there is some cute fall items!

I had every intention to do a monthly book review but I actually haven't been reading as much as I used to. Blaming my social media presence and blog on that HA. I have though in fact read some good ones the past couple months and I wanted to share some tidbits. I always read at night because it helps settle my mind and drift to sleep. If the book really holds my attention, I don't want to put it down and I will read thru day as well. Those books that suck you in, sometimes can be rare. Check out these books below!

This this this! Whoa. This book sucked me in. It was a can't put down book. A psychological drama about a woman trying to hold onto her family and the strains that occur. Motherhood and what you might think it will look like isn't what always happens. Whew. So good and scary and heartbreaking.

This book had alot of potential but fell somewhat flat by the end. I gave it 3 stars. Emma and Leo are married and have a happy life from the outside with a small daughter. Leo finds out that Emma isn't who she says she is and has a whole other life and history elsewhere. It does have some twists and turns and wasn't a horrible read, just wanted more.

Doesn't this book cover draw you in? I thought so. I like this author as well so I knew this would be a good read. It was just ok. I can't say I completely loved it either. It is about a group of people who sail to a deserted island to stay a couple weeks and live off the land. This deserted island has a lot of dark history and adds to the mystery and charm. They don't know if they will make it off the island alive by the end and who might be the killer. Mehhhhh....

My book club aka my Mom, Aunt and cousin all told me to read this one. It was so good! It hooked me and I had to quickly read this one. Since I do read at night, it had a scary, shocking part in it and I woke up that night having a nightmare. If you are part of the Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, this book is free as well. Win win! I didn't expect several twists in this one and I loved that it wasn't expected.

That's all I got folks. Remember readers are leaders but not all leaders are readers. Ha! May you be blessed this weekend and start a new book curled up under a cozy throw blanket with a fall scented candle lit.! Heavenly!!


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